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Artists in Akron, Ohio

There are 6 recommended Artists in Akron, OH. Read reviews from people you know to find the best Artist.

Review by Billie Lovin-borer

You know when you meet these HAPPY - BUBBLY couples and then they tell you, they met on the Internet? You want to choke them? Yeah, that's us!
We really did meet on the net. customers and other jewelry designers were getting our designs confused, so I reached out and introduced myself, I'm the BAWDY one. & we started getting to know each other much more than just FB chat. We are to the point now, that I TRUST HER WITH MY LIFE! True.
So many think this lil' hobby, working at home is just playing in sparkles all day. OH, how wrong that image is. I have 2 big rooms of teeny tiny components, not just beads. NO ONE, w/in a 35 mile radius has a clue what they are worth, certainly not my family. I have a fortune wrapped up in all this, to the untrained eye, all of this is "JUNK, in all these baggies and little boxes." We, as home business owners, w/a sizable inventory, NEED to find that one person, you can trust. If something happens to me, we are talking about unloading 100's of thousands worth of so-called-JUNK. This is my families finances & my partners. We buy for the business, not just ourselves. "I" picked Susan LaCroix, not just BFF, Bus. Partner, but also, the really awful stuff, like to do my family right, if something happens to me! & get those pix off the net from the 80's when I was drinkin!
We found that we were looking at the same horizons, we wanted similar outcomes of our lil' hobbies, and we knew there were different avenues to get there. Together we are traveling this journey together. When one is weak, (sick, family issues, LIFE) the other can continue on till the is back, and we've done that quite a bit in almost two yrs.
We really don't know where we will end up, but, "SINGINHOUND BEADZ" is getting know, by more & more each day! Being able to work together, physically, in the same house is our dream! My house is big enough. We can just throw EVERY IDEA out on the table, even the ones, we may think is totally OUT THERE, I bet the other has been thinking the same thing! GET US, physically together.......that will be a creative force to be reckoned with!
~ Billie Rogers (Sunny Love on your Indpls, FM dial)
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Review by Carla Hale-Sophus

Mr. Michael Mosley began his engineering skills at an early age and definitely before entering high school where he continued his education in communication. Mike was apart of the high school communications and broadcasting classes doing the morning announcements and various event coverage at Copley High School.
Mike also has completed various forms of communication deadlines for my class that he attended while working alongside other students not just those that were disabled. His expertise and knowledge of audio, techniques and communication are always current and relevant to today's economy and society.
Although Mike has a visible physical impairment he does not let that hinder him from demonstrating the skills needed as an engineer. Those skills have been enhanced throughout his disability considering that he is disabled you would never know that from the quality of his workmanship!
Mike is a person that is highly qualified and extremely responsible a true asset to anyone company. Congratulations on selecting such a wonderfully qualified and bright young man!
Mrs. Carla Hale-Sophus
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Review by Gman Singleton

You have got to listen to Curley's Tracks. I have! Her musical arrangement and compositions are awesome! One day I will convince her to do a collaboration. I won't give up!See MoreRead Less

Review by Christi Adkins

His talent is amazing and you cant ask for a better friend....love him to death..

Review by Bob Morgan

she's a good person in general. loves helping others