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Artists in Ohio

There are 170 recommended Artists in Ohio. Read reviews from people you know to find the best Artist.

Review by Billie Lovin-borer

You know when you meet these HAPPY - BUBBLY couples and then they tell you, they met on the Internet? You want to choke them? Yeah, that's us!
We really did meet on the net. customers and other jewelry designers were getting our designs confused, so I reached out and introduced myself, I'm the BAWDY one. & we started getting to know each other much more than just FB chat. We are to the point now, that I TRUST HER WITH MY LIFE! True.
So many think this lil' hobby, working at home is just playing in sparkles all day. OH, how wrong that image is. I have 2 big rooms of teeny tiny components, not just beads. NO ONE, w/in a 35 mile radius has a clue what they are worth, certainly not my family. I have a fortune wrapped up in all this, to the untrained eye, all of this is "JUNK, in all these baggies and little boxes." We, as home business owners, w/a sizable inventory, NEED to find that one person, you can trust. If something happens to me, we are talking about unloading 100's of thousands worth of so-called-JUNK. This is my families finances & my partners. We buy for the business, not just ourselves. "I" picked Susan LaCroix, not just BFF, Bus. Partner, but also, the really awful stuff, like to do my family right, if something happens to me! & get those pix off the net from the 80's when I was drinkin!
We found that we were looking at the same horizons, we wanted similar outcomes of our lil' hobbies, and we knew there were different avenues to get there. Together we are traveling this journey together. When one is weak, (sick, family issues, LIFE) the other can continue on till the is back, and we've done that quite a bit in almost two yrs.
We really don't know where we will end up, but, "SINGINHOUND BEADZ" is getting know, by more & more each day! Being able to work together, physically, in the same house is our dream! My house is big enough. We can just throw EVERY IDEA out on the table, even the ones, we may think is totally OUT THERE, I bet the other has been thinking the same thing! GET US, physically together.......that will be a creative force to be reckoned with!
~ Billie Rogers (Sunny Love on your Indpls, FM dial)
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Review by Marci Clyburn

I was so happy with my purchase! My little boy is obsessed with lions and Joanne was able to create a piece with a lion licking my son's face while he was laughing. Also, I can never get my son, husband and grandfather together for a picture so Joanne took 3 individual pictures and painted a portrait of them. I am so so happy and would recommend her in a heartbeat!See MoreRead Less

Review by Bruce Akins

I have known Renee for several years. Renee is a bright ,creative, hardworking professional, who is true to her word. You can be comfortable in the knowing that any business relationship you enter into with Renee will be pleasant and productive. Renee is a warm, "people person", who is always trying to better herself and add values to society.
~ Bruce Akins
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Review by Debbie Powell-schaefer

James has been a neighbor of my husbands for many years, as well as mine for over 3 years. He is a very interesting person, and has a great sense of humor, as well as knowledge on what's going on in the surrounding area as to what is going on whit the art and culture world. Very handy for me, 'cause I am fairly new here. Also he has visited our home in Florida, and has sent me information on the "happenings" that are going on there as well. That is good for me, because I Love different forms of art, and he is familiar with my likes and dislikes. He takes his work very seriously, as he certainly should and I think he has had a lot of experience in promoting what needs to be promoted. Many years in the Art world and many aspects of the Art Culture. I trust his views on the latest and upcoming.See MoreRead Less

Review by John Sobie

Joe Morales, Has such talent & skill he knows his craft & is always learning & pushing himself artistically he is alson one of the nicest guys their is & will give you his time when he has none for himself truly a good man!See MoreRead Less

Review by Kelli Woodman

Simply Ed is just an amazing person. I met him years ago at one of his Karaoke shows. I went up to sing, and I sang really bad. The crowd booed me, and Ed stuck up for me. He was going to shut the show down if that happened again. We were all there to have fun and sing. He is just the best.:-)See MoreRead Less

Review by Helen Holub

I have personally known Marilyn Francis for many years through poetry and just keeping in touch. I know she has a daughter who has some health problems and Marilyn is excellent with her as a mother and as a caretaker. Marilyn is a Christian and a wonderful friend. I know that she would be a wonderful Home Health Care-giver. Her poetry is touching and lovely and shows her deep faith and ability to show great warmth and love towards many and all. Marilyn kept my spirits up when I was down after many surgeries and health problems. I believe that she has all of the abilities what make a fine care-giver to young or old. Anyone who has cared for her daughter as she has done for so many years, yet kept a smile on her face and love in her heart, will do well. I believe truly, that she will. Helen Holub.See MoreRead Less

Review by Sandi Seiple Macaroni

Awesome rock band.. I go to every show. Guitarist is awesome. They do mostly originals with 1 to 3 covers. I like original. If i wanna hear covers I can turn on the radio. New stuff sounds greatSee MoreRead Less

Review by Joyce Martincak

I've known Carla since she & my daughter where in their early teens & where friends. Her mother was very crafty, making dolls & clothing. I guess Carla just picked up her mothers talent naturally.
She has great communication, getting back with me when I asked her if she could extend an ankle bracelet..."no problem". And her shipping cost is very reasonable & items are well packed...yes "items" since I've bought earrings, bracelets & ankle bracelets. Does lovely work with her style jewelry.
Highly recommend her. Her jewelry is very well priced & I see she has extended her talent into making & selling knit / crochet items.
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Review by Neneng Tarigan

Lisa Brandel is not only a professional consultant about marriage and life. Through her private blog the widow lady, she saved so many people and friends from separation with their partners.
Lisa is also a very talented and a gifted artist. Her paintings is a very typical Lisa, once you see you have no doubt that it was her creation, so beautiful and classy!
Well, one page is not enoug to describe her professional capabilities. I am fully satisfied to be one of her clients!!!
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