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Artists in New York

There are 300 recommended Artists in New York. Read reviews from people you know to find the best Artist.

Review by Glenda Arnold

I've been a huge Joe Gande fan since I first discovered his music in 2005. It's difficult to find the right words to describe his talent as an artist combined with who he is when he's not singing or making music..."larger than life", "driven", "humble", "passionate", "loyal" are just a few that come to mind, but they don't even scratch the surface of who he is. Whether he is singing "Can't See My Life" or screaming "Godsend", tempting his friends and fans with pasta alla carbanara, sharing his family history and Italian heritage/traditions, he has the ability to keep his fans captivated and spellbound. I can't think of any other artist that goes to the lengths that he does to maintain a personal relationship with his fans. I would say he ROCKS, but he goes above and beyond that.See MoreRead Less

Review by Tony Garofalo

For those of you seeking a great sound company, look no further. The service provided by. Mike Festa was professional, courteous and timely. I just used his services on May 31, 2014 at the Strawberry Festival in Bellmore, NY for a court performed by Strawberry fields, featuring the Broadway Cast of Beatlemania. The concert he provided was for a huge outdoor event. He provided adequate sound equipment to meet the demands of an outdoor band setup, and his equipment was New and sounded great without incident . Mike was more than willing to work with the band and it's needs both before and after the show, as well all during the show, and I would definitely use his services again in the future. Mike, thank you for making this a smooth vent for all parties involved. You were well worth twice the amount!! Tony Garofalo, Producer and John Lennon impersonator, Strawberry Fields. www.strawberryfieldsthetribute.com See MoreRead Less

Review by Andrew Ratcliffe

Yo home boy. U were my man from pot and pans to gettin lite 50 grands in your hands... lol we've been tru friends for OVER 35 YEARS now Tank. And AIn't NOTHING CHANGE BUT OUR LOCATIONS.I Shall give my life b 4 my loyalty fails. I got you Tank T.
The One And Only...
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Review by Eva Perman

I met Nathan at an Anime Convention in Rochester. It was good to be at one again as I had lived pretty much away from civilization for close to a decade. I needed to be around other geeks, and there were not enough geeks in a small town. Courtney (my fiance) noticed that there was an panel on publishing urban fantasy. Courtney, being an aspiring author herself (and myself having an interest in all things creative), decided to attend. I was half way expecting a mix between how to write better fan fiction to ad for the host's own book.

We got neither.

What we got was a rather informative guide on how to enter publishing and how to do a good job doing it. presented by a rotund, pierced & tattooed man with blood red died hair clad in what I can only consider appropriate for one of Lestat's opulent dinner parties. It was a good thing to see for once, A man who knew what he was talking about without wearing white polo and khaki's.

I decided to ask a few questions. And what started out as a panel turned into what amounted to a one on one discussion about marketing that happened to have an attendance.

The Next day, we caught them again at the convention, this time at their sales table. This time selling their books. This time he was wearing a tshirt of one our favorite bands, Dir en grey. Sweet! A smart and knowledgable person who loves j-rock, this person is my type. We start to converse, this time allowing for digression.

The discussion has not stopped.

Nathan has presented himself to be a powerful and positive force, both personally and professionally. He inspires integrity into my daily life and illustrates the perfect balance of how to enjoy yourself and remain active in life's endeavors.

He is committed to his craft, but his craft does not define him. His work is only a small part of the bigger picture he presents and it has been a privilege to share my experiences with him.
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Review by Sol Anderson

I have known Santeea for for about 3 years through a mutual friend in the Music Industry. During that time I have known to have the highest standards in business and excellence at what ever she puts her hands to. For instance, I was working on a project and needed some solid and advice but also a great contact, Santeea not only made the deal happen she facilitated a new other business ventures that turned out to be very lucrative for my business partners and I.
In short, Santeea does not sleep and works harder than anyone I know in the business and is a great asset to any organization that gets her tenacity and skill set. I would say hands down she is the best.

Sol Anderson
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Review by Juan Daniel Najera

Thanks for founding this awesome group. You have opened so many doors for our youths that is very much needed. Our children needed a place where they can voice their opinions on a wide varierty of topics. They get to go places where they may have not gotten to go before and because of this they have the opportunity to meet their council member of their community. Learn how to have confidence when it comes to public speaking , its amazes me everytime and make me so proud seeing them put in work recieting various speaches, something I was shy myself when I had to do while I was in college . You make them so comfortable and you assure them tgat they are capable of doing. Thank you so much for making this group what it is today.See MoreRead Less

Review by Phyllis Rogusky

Extremely impressive and beyond what I expected!

Review by Maryann Manicone


Review by Joanna Owidzka

Basia jest wspaniałą artystką, która rozpoczynała swoją działalność twórczą w Polsce, po uzyskaniu dyplomu Akademii Sztuk Pięknych w Warszawie i w Gdańsku jeszcze w czasach panującego ustroju socjalistycznego. Zmiany polityczne lat 80-tych okazały się nie bez wpływu na Jej postawę twórczą. Basia wiele malowała i w temperamencie Jej abstrakcyjnych kompozycji koloru, form, przestrzeni, czuło się entuzjazm i optymizm tamtych lat wspólny tak wielu Polakom. Jej późniejsza twórczość okazuje się bardziej skłaniająca ku określoności, wizja nabiera kształtów natury, pejzażu, samej pełnej światła i tajemnic przyrody. Technika malarska zyskuje na doskonałości i Basia wypracowuje swój własny sposób przekazu, obrazy są obiektami dla wnętrza, zrównoważone, dopracowane w kolorze, detalu, szczegółach. Jej malarstwo zachwyca swoją szczerością i naturalnością, widząc obraz natychmiast powstaje pytanie o jego autora, Basia jest taka sama, pełna życia, energii i bezpretensjonalności. Myślę, że ten Jej kierunek ustali się jako wiodący ale i można oczekiwać czegoś zupełnie nowego i nieprzewidywalnego, czego nie zwiastują obecne wydażenia, z uwagą i zainteresowaniem śledzę rozwijającą się wrażliwie twórczość Basi. See MoreRead Less

Review by Sabreen Tung

Zoe is a beautiful person on the inside, there is nothing in the world that can change that about her. Beauty is only skin deep. What's really important is finding a balance of mind, body, and spirit. The world is not interesterd what @[533578878:2048:Zoe Labella] does for a living but what they are interested in is what she offers freely - hope, strength and the power to make a difference!See MoreRead Less