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Artists in Nevada

There are 107 recommended Artists in Nevada. Read reviews from people you know to find the best Artist.

Review by Deborah Gallo

Michael is a sweet heart, who also has a wonderful voice. I asked him to sing something from an Opera and he did. He performed the song from Phantom for me, I was so touched he found the time to do so. Michael is intelligent, with a wonderful sense of humour, which happens to be just like mine. Let me put it this way, if I was ever in trouble I would go to Michael for help, then he can calm me down by singing to me; with his melodious voice which is so calming when the song is just right.... like Opera Michael....We have never met, however he feels like family even though we are separated by thousand of miles of water and land. He is one of my best friends and I am very cautious who I associate with. He is a good man and they are hard to find these days, plus he is talented. If I say anymore about him I will sound like his mother, who of course loves him. He has my eternal support.See MoreRead Less

Review by Charles Sutherland

My friend Dale Brown has authored at least thirteen New York Times best sellers. Unsubstantiated conjecture suggests the best authors hail from experience as combat aviators, interestingly enough, Dale Brown was once a respected aviator in both the B-52 and FB-111.

Today he is most famous for his aviation techno-thriller novels, and his soon to be released novel, Tiger?s Claw is sure to reenforce his reputation.

Set in the near future, Tiger?s Claw spins a tale of an all too plausible, economically weakened United States forced to make a stand against an increasingly powerful and expansive China. Needless to say, this nightmare apocalyptic scenario has crossed the minds of many a military officer and serious student of global politics in the last couple of decades.

Established fans are already in line to see legendary protagonist Patrick McLanahan answer the call, but there?s plenty of room for all readers who enjoy a superb story. Don't miss this one.
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Review by Russell Bowles

Clay and I have known each other for a long time. Two guys with common interests in a small community naturally cross paths, and enjoy support, encouragement, & inspiration from one another. He has assisted me numerous times. Clay is very knowledgeable in multiple subjects. He has answers for my many questions and concerns about all things audio/video. Clay has the 3D approach --- discipline, dedication, and determination.See MoreRead Less

Review by Angela Rollins

A Mystical Majestic godess performer~~ Wings for the World!
Creating Harmony through Vibrations, "KYO",
~blessing us with vibrational communication to enhance all the worlds love and beauty~.See MoreRead Less

Review by John Samuel

Claude is an absolute valuable asset to the community without a doubt.. He gives 110% to Vegas's youth, introducing them to music and arts in a way have never seen.. A true inspiration and motivator. More youth in more places, need more people like him as far as I'm concerned... Highly recommended.See MoreRead Less

Review by Barbara Blake

Bill is passionate and has in-depth knowledge about music, with a wonderful on-air voice and professional delivery. Equally important to me, he's a very nice person who treats people with kindness and respect and I'm proud to know him.

We both worked on-air for the same station in Las Vegas. I voice-tracked from Los Angeles and Bill was live in the studio. Most of our contact was by phone or digitally, but on every occasion and whenever I visited Las Vegas to MC a concert or on other business, all of my interactions with Bill were warm and cordial. He was the soul of graciousness to me and a first-rate representative of Las Vegas, for which I'll always be appreciative. I don't hesitate to recommend this top-drawer pro and fine human being to you or anyone interested in working with the very best .
Best regards, Barbara Blake - Producer and Host SmoothJazzSundayBrunch.com, Los Angeles, CA and world-wide
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Review by Shayne Harris

I met Jwaanza selling his music on the streets of Las Vegas I was on a business trip from Australia and I was taken back by his personal inner motivation and ambition to achieve with his music.

Since then He has kept me informed and has on a number of occasions has sent his music online to me

Yes he certainly has the skills and the ability as an all round engineer, producer and song writer and they are rare these days.

I also like Jwanza's character as a person, I believe he would be well worth investing in.

I wish him all the best for the future and expect to see and hear more of him as he emerges into the music scene.

Cheers Shayne
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Review by Wraith September

Teresa excels as an awesome artist who is inspired by H.R.Giger and loves Lovecraft, Alien and all horror. She knows movie makeup and is really great at it.See MoreRead Less

Review by Papote Varet

Working with Julie Snider Mennie is an expirience every artist or production team dream of. She has the expirience professionaly equipped and the vision to make art form come to life in production. A very trusting and hard working person, She delivers everything that she sets out to do never failing you, She informs herself with all details according to services needed and always goes the extra mile....Simply the best! I highly recommend Julie, Great asset to any company......Papote Varet.See MoreRead Less

Review by Patricia Wittich

Jeff Gold , Jeff is a friend of mine form on line and around the music seen .He Is one of the most talented down to earth people I have known in along time .I see great things from him if he find the right people . With the same kind of passion and drive he has for his music .I would say if you work with Jeff you cant go wrong .I am sure those who have worked with him and jammed with him would agree with me .See MoreRead Less