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Artists in Colfax, Iowa

There are 1 recommended Artists in Colfax, IA. Read reviews from people you know to find the best Artist.

Review by Lynda Heal

I own a very large Steeler site on the internet, actually I own 4 of them. Christina joined one of my sites and everyone could tell she was not only professional but very knowledgeable. In fact, Christina disappeared for awhile and I had many members asking me, "where are Christina's articles?" So , I went searching for Christina, I easily found her and asked her to come back, by request, and she did. She actually thought she still belonged, probably one of those electronic problems that everyone experiences. Unlike most sports writers, Christina has a great respect for her readers; Christina is highly professional and extremely knowledgeable, she states the facts and because of the respect she has for her readers, she allows her readers to make up their minds and express their feelings toward the article. I have found that the honesty in which Christina exposes this to her readers, is rare. The content compares with the topic of the article and Christina always gives evidence for her argument, Christina is honest, detailed and accurate; 3 things not often found in your run of the mill writers, especially with the internet, it seems as though anyone with a computer thinks they can write and they really can't, most all of these wanna be "writers" are only interested in ruffling feathers. so their name will get around, that is their agenda. On the other hand, there is Christina. Christina writes an article that actually encourages people to kick off their shoes, settle down, relax and read an intelligent article that has been carefully compiled and written by Christina. You see Christina's name under the title and you immediately want to read it because you know going in that Christina is not going to name call, she is not in it to win it, she wrote the article to appease her many,many fans. I have 4,500+ members in this one club I own and it is the one Christina belongs to. The other clubs of mine have 2000+ members. Bottom line, when m,y members came to me asking why Christina is no longer posting, that told me, "if the members are asking about Christina, I guess I was not the only one to enjoy her writings. I do alot odf reading and, in my opinion, Christina has a talent many others only wish they had.See MoreRead Less