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Artists in Tampa, Florida

There are 25 recommended Artists in Tampa, FL. Read reviews from people you know to find the best Artist.

Review by Tiffany Francine

Amazing person, amazing artist and a great mother. Jessica can and does do it all. Very talented in many different aspects and what she doesn't know she'll practice and learn until it becomes second nature to her. Hard working and never believes that she can't do anything because odds are she does and she will. My cousin is truly gifted, amazing and talented and whoever has her on her as an employee needs to know that she'll go above and beyond any expectation.See MoreRead Less

Review by Elaine Richard

Everything Ecletic is a charming shop of multiple facets that is sure to delight each individual that enters its doors. Within its walls, it houses a multitude of distinct, unique wares ranging from jewelry to paintings, as well as a variety of gifts that are bonafide conversation pieces. At the same time, it is rapidly establishing itself as a community hub of the arts. Mr. and Ms. Sanchez imbue the space with a heaping amount of hospitality, utilizing their space as a conduit for local artists. Among its highlights are the open mics that showcase local artists, which harness a fiercely loyal audience and are broadcast online. Psychic readings share space with artists of every persuasion. Everything Eclectic lives up to its namesake.See MoreRead Less

Review by Nicollette Varanelli

I met Michelle thru a recommendation from a friend. We have only known eachother for a short time and she has already given me a huge boost in popularity. I have been featured in, as well as on the cover of many reputable magazines, I've gained recognition from bloggers and been featured on their websites, and I've also began booking live gigs at a variety of venues. Michelle seems to come to me almost daily with new ideas and opportunities and she is very engaged in my project. Along with all of this she is also in constant contact with me and my management and she is very sweet and easy to deal with! I would recommend Michelle to anybody looking for a publicist that will work hard for them and help them to build their careers. She's the best :)

Nicollette <3
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Review by Jason Sage

Matt is a kind hearted soul, with the strive and determination to accomplish any task at hand. His nobility and persistency is one that is surely sought out by many. His clever humor and witty personality will lighten any load to make everything work out smoothly and efficiently while supplying the strength and courage to get the job done. Matt is a scholar and a gentleman. See MoreRead Less

Review by Vicki Kolb

I truly believe Dawn is an amazing woman and musician. I watched her reach for a dream, stay true to her music and expand her talents I chose to give her four stars, though I think she is already great, the additional star allows for her to reach further and expand. Her deep earthy melodies are an excellent compliment to those she plays with. Experienced, professional and a delight to be around.
Dawn and I attended college together many many moons ago and through the years have remained close. After decades of watching your friend grow into her dream, and become successful it is a very wonderful thing! I recommend Dawn for any endeavor she chooses to chase.
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Review by Teri Frazier

Every interaction I have had with Robert has exemplified that he is extremely talented and intellectually honest. He has creative vision and the talent to manifest it. I give him my highest recommendation.See MoreRead Less

Review by Hedy Dorado

I have known Celeste almost all her life. She is determined to do something she won`t quit until she is finished. She is always inventing something. She is very smart at what ever she doesSee MoreRead Less

Review by Timothy Weidman

Bob is a very well respected person in his professional and personal life. He is always going to be Uncle Bob to me and that is something I'm proud to say. I've always enjoyed being around him as family and friend, also know that other people can say the same. Surely a person you'd feel more than comfortable being with.See MoreRead Less

Review by Sally Gaufo

Randy is great...a faithful brother in Christ, has true love & kindness in his heart and a godly person!

Review by Catherine Davis

Veronica Davis is professional minded, talented in a variety of fields. I'd like to add, that she is the type of professional I would look at for an available position at my company!

Catherine Davis
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