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Artists in Hollywood, Florida

There are 20 recommended Artists in Hollywood, FL. Read reviews from people you know to find the best Artist.

Review by Karl Peterson

In the greater Miami cigar world, a place that is full of great people who display the qualities that make for great marketers, Ana Cuenca stands out. The first time my friends and I visited her store in Hollywood, she treated us as if we were already old friends. Now, granted, we had been spending time in Miami meeting some of the other people from the cigar industry whose businesses are in Miami, so Ana had heard about us and was anticipating our visit. Nevertheless, we loved getting to know her and seeing what she is doing for her shop. We spent a few hours there talking to her, and meeting some of her loyal customers, lots of great people. She is knowledgeable of cigars but she is also knowledgeable about people.

The next night we came back to her shop for an event, and got to meet many more of her customers, and once again had a terrific time. Even though it was a busy night, and she had many people to talk to, she made a point to hang out with us a bit.

I have since then visited Miami again, and had a chance to visit her shop, and it looked like there had been some great improvements in the two years since I had been there. She has expanded the business by opening up a members club next door to her retail space, where her loyal customers can relax and keep their cigars. What she is doing is very impressive. But again, it comes back to who she is as a person - and she is first-rate, and quite exceptional, and treats everyone the same.
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Review by Scott Rifkin

Lydia and I have been life long friends. We discovered Music together as children. I remember going to her house as a child and listening to music all day long. We discovered live concerts together at The Fillmore East and were in attendance at many of the greatest concerts of the 1960s and early 1970s. Lydia has always had a great drive and passion for music. She has been DJ ing for many many years and knows more about albums, artists and other related musical information than anyone I know on the planet. She is "the Google" of musical information. I would highly recommend Lydia Ojeda for any profession position at any time. She is a nation treasure of musical knowledge.See MoreRead Less

Review by Brad Gibbons

Matt is a great guy, and few people are as passionate about music and about drumming as he is. I would definitely recommend him!

Review by Jeffrey Gould

I have known Jon for over 30 years, he always gives his all to every project he's involve in. His work in both the video and audio worlds is top-notch.See MoreRead Less

Review by Jennifer Miller

I highly recommend Harold Davis as the Actor..the President at The Television and Motion Picture..and as a compassionate human being. I have been inspired, and intrigued by he as a man..and he as a professional. I value his friendship ..I love his TMP Network..giving us all a chance at connecting with the 'right 'connections of our passions.

Jennifer Miller...www.wolfgirl99.com
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Review by Mery Romeu

I know Anielle she's great in everything, goog skills and most important very good team player.

Review by Wendy Blazier

Pablo Picasso once said: “There is no abstract art. You must always start with something. Afterward you can remove all traces of reality.” As an artist, Richard Porter has worked for more than three decades, producing a body of work which easily incorporates both figurative and abstract elements into compositions which emphasis color, movement and emotive expressionism.

Richard Porter is a professional artist, who works in both South Florida. His work incorporates elements of both abstract and figurative art. Unlike much late 20th century and contemporary painting, his work is academically based, drawing on years of study in anatomy, traditional painting technique, and color theory. Whether figurative or abstract, Porter's works seem to ask existential questions about life, while continuing the tradition of mid-20th century lyrical and abstract expressionism, often pushing his compositions close to complete abstraction. Like broken shards of color arranged in a vortex of swirling movement, Porter's compositions emphasize intense color relationships, dynamic movement and energy, all held within expansive spaces which seem to move out beyond the edges of the canvas.

I have known Richard Porter professionally for more than 30 years, having first met him when he was an artist working at the South Florida Art Institute in the early 1980s. He is an extremely talented painter whose work has a recognizable style, emphasizing dynamic energy and intensity.
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Review by Gordana Vuckovic

Beautiful, smart, fast thinker, a good speaker, she likes to help others.

Review by Summer Hill Seven

We have collaborated together on multiple video projects including a spec commercial for Doritos and I have found Jah Linx to be reliable, professional, efficient and exceedingly creative. I am happy to recommend his work and if you require any additional information please contact me directly at 213-537-5887.See MoreRead Less

Review by John Gibes

Chet is a great musician. He and his group will entertain you for hours.