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Artists in Florida

There are 300 recommended Artists in Florida. Read reviews from people you know to find the best Artist.

Review by Catharine Johnson

Exceptional trip and crew, boat was ok- there are prettier but boat was dependepable and safe!!! I wasn't afraid to spill anything and they kept it very clean. Very affordable. We were in good/ knowledgable hands- which was reassuring! We didn't get what we set out for but left with a smile-and Spanish Mak are always good- even if you don't know how to cook them. - be weary of any "guarantee" - no cobia today-we were to early in season- oh well :)I can honestly say that was the best 4 hours I've had in the last 2 weeks!!! I spent it with my family and had the experts telling them and teaching them what to do!! That was priceless!!! I'll have to go on a longer trip- maybe catch a bigger fish or two before I understand all those fisherman terms like.... Fully actualized!!! Hope to plan a tuna trip soon- I'm gonna start saving up!!See MoreRead Less

Review by Jeff Hayford

I met Les when a band he was playing with hired me to record a demo CD for them. We quickly learned we had a great deal in common; similar tastes in music, approximately the same amount of time & experience in the music business and we both cared about helping others through music. We enjoyed playing together and discovered an interesting collaboration neither of had ever tried before - an acoustic guitar player & singer accompanied by a saxophonist. Les is a very fine person who has overcome a great deal of strife throughout his life. Stories of his troubled past and how he had overcome them were very inspirational to me. Les truly enjoys music and I'm sure it would be important to him even ended up working in another business. When listening to Les perform, it's obvious he was born to be a musician. For some, performing is "just another job," for Les, performing is very clearly a passion. In addition to being an exceptional performing artist, Les is a genuinely caring individual who lights up any room or situation he is part of. I consider myself very fortunate to have Les as a dear friend and as one artist to another I respect and appreciate all he brings to the profession.See MoreRead Less

Review by Maurice Ferguson

I have known James since the 70s, first as a treatment counselor and secondly as a musician. He excelled in both. As a treatment counselor, he was a keen and sympathetic listener and as a musician he practiced, improved and progressed until he could support himself entirely through his ability as a pianist.James set a good example for me- the lesson, be willing to work and show up and the rest will come in time. To me, James' sense of humor and kindness sets him apart.Maurice FergusonSee MoreRead Less

Review by Isabel Avila

Miguel Alfaro is the Best cuban painter I have ever met.I will continue purchasing his arts since my house is only decorated with his marvelous work.As a matter of fact , I do believe his paintings have a magic touch.From the moment I started hanging his paintings on my walls, my life changed completely.You can feel peace and happiness all over my house.MR Alfaro you are Blessed! Thanks for all the Love and energy you put in your work.You are not only a great man , but You also leave footprints that inspires others to succeed.My family and Cubans are very proud and greatful for your fine work and for showing on it how Beautiful Cuba is.See MoreRead Less

Review by Michelle Erickson

My fiance and I are so excited that David is going to be part of our wedding celebration. He came HIGHLY recommended by EVERY single vendor we talked to and I can see why! He has a great personality and is so easy to talk to. The first time we met him, we instantly felt at ease knowing that he had it completely handled! Not to mention, his constant words of encourgement make him one of the most motivational people I know.See MoreRead Less

Review by Joyce Brown

Trina Slade-Burks is among the hardest working, most talented women I know. She is supportive of her community, the children and artists in it and her extended family of friends. An organizer, author, poet, cook and artist, she excels in everything she touches. I am proud to know her and to share activities and projects with her.See MoreRead Less

Review by Kelly Blake Frances

Absolutely LOVE Mike and MB entertainment! Mike did a fantastic job at my wedding! He was the whole package! He keep the entire night running smoothly, even when I was an hour late and then couldn't bussel my dress he was calm and collected and told me to quit aplogizing :) and the DJ'ing was so great that we kept him for another hour at the end, no one wanted the party to end! He brought me food and drinks, searches for safty pins, and made me feel special the entre night. Besides marrying my husband, he was the best choice I made for my special day! I referred him to a friend of mine who used him for her wedding 2 weeks ago and he did another fantastic job, kept me and my husband on the dance floor all night! I will continue to recommend him and definetly use him again in the future :)See MoreRead Less

Review by Katybachman Andcrew

John is a fabulous photographer for whatever your occasion. His professionalism and artistic talent compliment his enjoyment that he has behind the camera. He is punctual for his shooting engagements and makes even the shyest of camera-phobics, like me, feel comfortable. I appreciated the array of proofs I had to choose from and his input to why the shots I chose were some of the best. Thanks John for your great work.See MoreRead Less

Review by Christina Fowler

I met Alethia when I was in search of a artistic photographer. I choose her to take my family pictures because of her quality of work, professional demeanor, and willingness to help me. I was beyond pleased with our first session together that I continued to use her on several different occasions. Every imagine she has ever created for me has been a beautiful, handcrafted piece of art. Her skill of being able to capture moments and digitally perfect them are above the rest. I will always recommend Alethia Rains for any photography needs.See MoreRead Less

Review by Kevin Black

Gritty, soulful singer and songwriter who has much to offer, especially with her songwriting . I look forward to hearing her, safe in the knowledge she will live the song and wring every ounce of feeling out of it. This lady deserves a break See MoreRead Less