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Artists in Colorado

There are 116 recommended Artists in Colorado. Read reviews from people you know to find the best Artist.

Review by Tina Carpenter

Hugh has dejayed several weddings & parties I've attended through the years. He also did my wedding, and was fabulous. He's professional, funny, and kept everyone dancing the entire time. He was also the deejay the weekend I became engaged. It was a Christian singles' cruise on the Hornblower. His humor broke the ice and got people on the dance floor. He teased me about where I bought my outfit...guess it was a little too ethnic for him ( ha!). I"ll always remember that event because of him, and I wish I could be dancing at more of his events! I highly recommend him!See MoreRead Less

Review by Victor Colon Jr.

In the few months that we've had the distinct pleasure of having an association with DJ Holiday Sparkx he's exemplified true professionalism, honesty, and integrity in the entertainment industry, especially to the independent artists like my daughter. While I am honored to write this recommendation, please understand that he deserves all the accolades included herein.
Judging from our experiences with him, I believe that if you choose to get involved in his endeavors, or need him to assist you with yours, the organization will come away feeling satisfied that what was requested or needed from him got accomplished beyond reproach. Holiday Sparkx will become an immediate asset who will provide a platform that was heretofore unattainable without his expertise. I know this from what my daughter was able to accomplish herself after appearing on his show.
To Holiday Sparkx, from New York City, We Salute You, We Value You, We are Grateful that you are now, after our business dealings together "a TrustWorthy, Loyal, & Inspirational partner/friend.
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Review by Miguel Lyons-Cavazos

There's a story about Miles Davis meeting a socialite who had no idea what he had accomplished, so she asked him. Miles Reply? "Well, I've changed music two or three times." Ralph Hardimon has 'changed music' in the marching world.

Ralph lives at the meeting of 'legit' classical music, groove music and marching music. Before folks like Ralph and Fred Sanford, these worlds did not co-exist very well. Ralph not only made them work well together, he set the standard for future generations of marching music arrangers.

On a personal level, having Ralph teach me each of the seven years I was a member of a drum corps has had a huge impact on my life, my music, and my family. I would not be the person I am without Ralph's influence. Praised be Ralph Hardimon...
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Review by Carolyn Killings

I've known Tony for about 4 years and he is a very knowledgeable person. He is the father of my granddaughter Olivia. Tony has always been very personable and nice to be around. He is very professional and gives his attention to every detail.See MoreRead Less

Review by Susan Kemman

Zachary Mancuso is well connected with his Talents, Sponsors and Industry "friends"...he provides a personal connection with all those he works with for easy and complete business interaction.See MoreRead Less

Review by Kim Theiler

I have had the pleasure many times of working with Mr. Ron Michaels as I have been an event planner and manager. When I know that Ron is going to be the D.J. I know that I need not worry about any of the music as he will always do an outsatnding job and will go above and beyond to assure the event is a success. He has helped me with last minute details and even helped me with our venues sound system one time when I was having some troubles. He is calm, friendly, and always brings a sence of grace and elegance to the party. When I need a D.J. I call Ron!See MoreRead Less

Review by Witch-ann Polk-county

Donald L. Vasicek is a hard working film maker producing what I know is the best documentaries I have seen. His quality of work supersedes many. The way he tells his stories is one of devotion and care. I highly recommend him for any work needing to be done.See MoreRead Less

Review by Debbie White-walter

I have known Chris since high school. We recently reconnected via Facebook. After looking at all of the beautiful photographs Christ posted, I asked him to send me two black and white ones that I particularly liked. Chris sold them to me at a very reasonable price. The photographs were printed on extremely high quality stock. and have an almost spiritual, ethereal quality I have them framed and hanging in my den. His work is exemplary and customer service perfect. Because I work 8-5 everyday and it is difficult for me to travel, Chris drove 50 miles to bring them to me at my office. Something not many people would do. I would heartily endorse Chris and encourage others to take advantage of his talent and excellent customer service skill..See MoreRead Less

Review by Mahajyoti Glassman

Barbara Mckinstry volunteers at MorningStar Preschool on a regular basis. She is calm, direct, and compassionate in her interactions with students and teachers. Many teachers who work with 2 1/2 to 5 year olds are often scratching their heads with the new behaviors and situations that pop up from day to day, but Barbara handles every event with great caring and finesse. The staff love it when she is on site as it is a delight working together with her. She is ever-smiling and cheerful. Barbara radiates charm and grace no matter what 'curve balls' may land in her playing field. We always enjoy our time with her! MJ/MorningStar PreschoolSee MoreRead Less

Review by Torrey Banks

Ya Doin Ya thang over there, Hey Check out the Video I made on my wall and send to as many people as possible. Tell me whatcha think.