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Artists in Arkansas

There are 28 recommended Artists in Arkansas. Read reviews from people you know to find the best Artist.

Review by Wes Wayne

Hi Jane, You have my recommendation on Stik! I wish you luck and success in 2012 and beyond! Please check out my site on Myspace @ Wes Wayne Official Myspace, Just type in the search pane on Myspace:" Wes Wayne" and it will take you there click on my pic, and add me if you have a Myspace profile, please read my profile and my blog, it will give you a little information about me and the number one love of my life, music! It's all about music!See MoreRead Less

Review by Michaeloris Howard

I have known Chebon Dacon for over 50 years. We grew up in the same neighborhood and schools on the southside of Oklahoma City. He has consistently excelled in whatever he had endeavored to do. His artistic giftedness is par-excellence. His native American art is known and praised from around the world. His people and animal portraits capture the heart and soul of the subjects. I have always admired the way he captures the faces of individuals revealing much about them.

Regardless of his acclaim Chebon has remained an unassuming humble man. He has generously donated at least a dozen valuable pieces of his wonderful artwork to our non-profit ranch ministry (Blazing Hope Youth Family Ranch) to children and teens for the purpose of helping us in our fund raising.
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Review by Vivian Newton

I have watched Paul grow from a student in photography to a professional creative artist. His work reflects his ability to see what others do not through his creative imagination and sensitivity. He has been able to take a traditional photo and edit it to look like a piece of exceptional art. He has done personal settings and scenes for us. This includes family portraits and framed scenes which we use for decorative accents.See MoreRead Less

Review by Maggie Barbour

I know Barbara through various art groups and as my good Facebook friend. She has always been willing to share her artistic talent and ideas with others, and is so good at explaining her processes! Her kindness and compassion is over-the-moon wonderful! And something I really admire about Barbara is the way she follows through with her commitments and promises. You can count on what she says as being truthful, and what she does as trustworthy and upstanding. When it comes to her gourd works of art are simply outstanding and quality creations! As are her other art endeavors! I consider myself blessed to know Barbara and that we are friends.See MoreRead Less

Review by Anne Peabody

I was reintroduced to Norwood after she found a puppy that I adopted in 2010. Since that time, I have seen hundreds of her beautiful photographs taken near Lepanto, Arkansas. She has taken some beautiful photographs of corn that I used as a guide for a drawing commission. The photos were great works of art on their own.. Norwood has also made many fine paintings and drawings during the span of time I have been familiar with her work. I endorse her completely and without reservation.

Anne Peabody
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Review by Joni Greever

I met Dr. Juneus (Ted) Kendall almost 40 years ago when he was a new physician in town. His practice was so new that he answered the phone the first time I called to make an appointment! We like him immediately and grew to love him.

He was so different from other GP's. He listened. He spent time with us, patiently answering questions. He wrote down all instructions, explaining everything. He wasn't quick to write prescriptions unless they were really needed. If exercise was called for, he'd get down on the floor and demonstrate just how it was done.

He cared and we felt that caring. He was better than a Marcus Welby, M.D. Doctors like Dr. Kendall were becoming a rarity even then and you don't see any like him anymore. We were so lucky to have him as our G.P. for as long as we did.
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Review by Jessica Pierce

Rachel is not only an amazing musician and song writer but, she has a voice that touches your soul. She is professional and an absolute joy to be around. She has a positive and uplifting energy that spills and radiates from her and I always feel blessed and happier after seeing her perform. She has true talent and if you want real soul filled music then you should hire her for your function. I have seen her perform every chance I can for the last like 8 years... I've never been disappointed.See MoreRead Less

Review by Margaret Beam

Rena was already writing and performing when I first met her, through our simultaneous law practices, and through the years that our legal tracks were similar I watched her repertoire and fan recognition grow astronomically. She is an extremely talented, energetic, professional in multiple fields, with endless creativity on tap, and has turned out very appealing works on request, on impulse, and many after long hours of multiple attempts to get things "just right." I truly believe sometimes she even surprises herself with this innate talent, that after much hard work has been honed to offer us what is recognized as among some of the best, and most creative, works. Through all her fields of endeavor and unlike many entertainers and artists, she remains a calm, open and outgoing, friendly, accessible writer/performer/entertainer and friend.See MoreRead Less

Review by Kayla Martin

Merilee is a very responsible and dedicated owner. She has so much talent and she gives it all to her job. Anyone would be lucky to have the privilege to work with her.See MoreRead Less

Review by Amy Karges

Kayce is a personal childhood friend who I adore and have always been in awe ! She is an amazing talent, with the most incredible charisma. Kayce can charm anyone with her beautiful smile, gift of gab and incredible singing voice. On my brother's 70'th birthday, she did a special surprise performance for him and all of the guests were just blown away with her ability to walk in and captivate an audience. She also performed that evening with a very young less experienced band and she made it magical! An unforgettable evening for sure! I miss her very much and wish her the best!!!See MoreRead Less