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Artists in Alabama

There are 70 recommended Artists in Alabama. Read reviews from people you know to find the best Artist.

Review by Jojo Elicha

The first time I heard Darren's voice I got excited.
He is a good artist excellent singer.
I got so excited I wanted him to sing one of my song.
Called walking down a dusty road.
My song fits his voice so well.
I could here his voice behind my lyrics and music and melody.
I met Darren on facebook threw Phil hunolt.
I give him all the stars.
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Review by Carol Lockridge

Shar Baby has always been a go getter and has the right to be because she knows how to belt those songs out and plays with the emotion that goes with the song on her guitar. She is one of the best blues artists out there still with the vigor that hollers for you to hear what she has to say in song. A very stong talent and beautul lady with so much talent. I met her here in Fort Wayne, Indiana, while both of us are blues vocalist, we have different styles of blues. I was amazed at this little lady who could belt so well in the blues. A little woman with a really big heart!!! She has been there for me in many ways in my music and I am proud to call her a friend and I also hope she rises to the top and beyond!!! Go Shar Baby!!!!See MoreRead Less

Review by Jack Frawley

Not only did I teach Little Elvis, I sang and played the guitar with him. He is caring, honest, humorous, sensitive to others feelings and a GREAT human being! But most of all, he is an inspiration to ALL!See MoreRead Less

Review by Ron Dupree

Julie is an excellent creative artist. Her passion and love of nature is expressed in each and every canvas she paints. Her methodology and approach to her art is significant to form over content. Anyone involved in art would appreciate and cherish one of her painting in their collections. Julie's body of work demonstrates her astounding abilities to capture the uncanniness of ordinary subjects, stressing colors and an indebtedness to light. Julie identifies with the romanticism of her craft a true stand out. See MoreRead Less

Review by Mariametalyn Haney

a badass chick in a the music world community, knows her stuff and works very hard to promote nonstop...not sure when she sleeps....love her as a friend, DJ, promoter.......she brings it...See MoreRead Less

Review by William Jarvis

I've known Bill for 35 years since we first played music together in high school. He is an excellen drummer and persussionist. Bill always inspired me toward high starndards of musicality and integrity in musicianship.

Bill stands out from other professionals because of his diversity and great love for music. He has always taken music to be one of the highest spiritual expressions that a human being can attain to. He is a wonderful person and a superb musician.
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Review by Tammy Halliday

Keith is an amazing worship leader with an amazing heart for The Lord! The next time I need a worship leader for an event I will call him. I've worked with him in the past and he was both professional and spiritual. He is a top notch experienced worship leader.See MoreRead Less

Review by Becky Simkins

Frederic has been a friend for many years. I have seen his work and can attest to the quality, expertise, and beauty of his creations. He takes great pride in his use of the original mosaic artistry that has been used for centuries. I have selected Frederic to design and install a mosaic back-splash in my kitchen. I am delighted he will place an enduring piece of art in my home.

Becky Simkins
Dothan, AL
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Review by Brian Canedameha

Claudia is very warm hearted, loving, caring person that would not hesitate for one second to help out a fellow human being. I am blessed to know her, and enjoy corresponding with her daily. Wow what excellent art work she creates, so heart-warming. Thank you Claudia for always being there for me.See MoreRead Less

Review by Shatecca Fellows

An amazing fashion designer, business woman, mentor, and visionary. Ellena LeJeune FashionDesigner's creativity stretches beyond choosing the perfect fabrics and setting new fashion trends. She is a brilliant designer with a dedication to customer satisfaction. Ellena's strong ability to develop customer relationships and her willingness to mentor has been instrumental in the growth of numerous local small businesses and independent direct sales businesses.

Ellena is never short of ideas, her "out of the box" vision is a game changer, consistently identifying new ways to increase revenue, digital presence, and establish concrete branding for entrepreneurs like herself across the TN Valley. Community is at the center of Ellena's focus. Her incredible talents benefit all whom she encounters daily, and is evident by the large number of non-profit programs/companies that have been gifted through projects linked to her, like Fashion Week Alabama and Designers Against Breast Cancer.
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