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Artists in your Network

There are 300 recommended Artists on Stik. Read reviews from people you know to find the best local Artist.

Review by Tony Berru

I have had the privilege of training under Jen a number of years ago and feel like I am a better photographer for the experience. Jen is more than a great photographer and technically superior post production artist, she is what most photographers wish they could be. She is naturally thoughtful and articulate. She embodies the confidence you want in your project because she does the one thing generally missing from other photographers....She listens first. Jen makes sure she understands what YOU want before trying to tell you what YOU need. I suggest you listen carefully to her after you explain the project, as she will most likely have the perfect plan to get you what you need.See MoreRead Less

Review by Meret Troller Piderman

Is a true dancing spirit with an extensive, technical dance background. She breathes dance and is an excellent teacher. Breaking down steps and explaining it all makers anyone want to try to dance . I highly recommend Barbara as a teacher for beginner through professional.See MoreRead Less

Review by Ksenia Shabelsky

I has been a great pleasure to collaborate with Dmitry on a few projects, our wedding being one of them.
Aside from being a super talented singer and instrumentalist he possess an a wide range of hard to find personal and professional qualities. Dmitriy is reliable, dependable, proactive & diligent, he can think quickly on his feet, adapt quickly to shifting priorities and do whatever it takes, regardless of a role, position or “hat” he is wearing at that moment, to get things done.
Dmitry is a remarkable professional who’s driven by something deeper and more personal than just the desire to do a good job.
We were also extremely lucky to have such an industry savvy individual and benefit greatly from a number of his recommendations for both vendors & ideas for our special night.
You are in great hands! NSP will make sure to make any planning process simple, painless & fun, and Dmitry’s expertise & presence will turn any plain-vanilla event into a party of your life-time with a lot of flair and flavor.
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Review by Eva Perman

I met Nathan at an Anime Convention in Rochester. It was good to be at one again as I had lived pretty much away from civilization for close to a decade. I needed to be around other geeks, and there were not enough geeks in a small town. Courtney (my fiance) noticed that there was an panel on publishing urban fantasy. Courtney, being an aspiring author herself (and myself having an interest in all things creative), decided to attend. I was half way expecting a mix between how to write better fan fiction to ad for the host's own book.

We got neither.

What we got was a rather informative guide on how to enter publishing and how to do a good job doing it. presented by a rotund, pierced & tattooed man with blood red died hair clad in what I can only consider appropriate for one of Lestat's opulent dinner parties. It was a good thing to see for once, A man who knew what he was talking about without wearing white polo and khaki's.

I decided to ask a few questions. And what started out as a panel turned into what amounted to a one on one discussion about marketing that happened to have an attendance.

The Next day, we caught them again at the convention, this time at their sales table. This time selling their books. This time he was wearing a tshirt of one our favorite bands, Dir en grey. Sweet! A smart and knowledgable person who loves j-rock, this person is my type. We start to converse, this time allowing for digression.

The discussion has not stopped.

Nathan has presented himself to be a powerful and positive force, both personally and professionally. He inspires integrity into my daily life and illustrates the perfect balance of how to enjoy yourself and remain active in life's endeavors.

He is committed to his craft, but his craft does not define him. His work is only a small part of the bigger picture he presents and it has been a privilege to share my experiences with him.
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Review by Annie-dear Chappell

I am gifted to know several mutual writers and artists and Susan Alcott Jardine is among those of high regard.

Top quality art, every color to fit any room, any design you can imagine, and if that were not enough, she can express herself in many talented ways from her long list of successes in so many fields. An amazing and caring woman who brings everything she does to life in her special way.

Then - there is The Channel... Stories from L.A. - I will only tell you to go get it!! She is an Author, painter, actor, stage design, I doubt there is something around that she cannot turn into art...

Amazing business woman, a true professional in every aspect.

Susan Alcott Jardine has so many talents to bring to the table, that you can't wait for the next one of her works.

Annie-Dear Woeltz Chappell, Retired Staff Mgr, Silicon Valley, CA
Friend to the Arts
Niece to the late Texan Artist Julius Woeltz and NY Russell Woeltz
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Review by Jeff Hayford

I met Les when a band he was playing with hired me to record a demo CD for them. We quickly learned we had a great deal in common; similar tastes in music, approximately the same amount of time & experience in the music business and we both cared about helping others through music. We enjoyed playing together and discovered an interesting collaboration neither of had ever tried before - an acoustic guitar player & singer accompanied by a saxophonist. Les is a very fine person who has overcome a great deal of strife throughout his life. Stories of his troubled past and how he had overcome them were very inspirational to me. Les truly enjoys music and I'm sure it would be important to him even ended up working in another business. When listening to Les perform, it's obvious he was born to be a musician. For some, performing is "just another job," for Les, performing is very clearly a passion. In addition to being an exceptional performing artist, Les is a genuinely caring individual who lights up any room or situation he is part of. I consider myself very fortunate to have Les as a dear friend and as one artist to another I respect and appreciate all he brings to the profession.See MoreRead Less

Review by Sol Anderson

I have known Santeea for for about 3 years through a mutual friend in the Music Industry. During that time I have known to have the highest standards in business and excellence at what ever she puts her hands to. For instance, I was working on a project and needed some solid and advice but also a great contact, Santeea not only made the deal happen she facilitated a new other business ventures that turned out to be very lucrative for my business partners and I.
In short, Santeea does not sleep and works harder than anyone I know in the business and is a great asset to any organization that gets her tenacity and skill set. I would say hands down she is the best.

Sol Anderson
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Review by Dylan Box

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Review by Maurice Ferguson

I have known James since the 70s, first as a treatment counselor and secondly as a musician. He excelled in both. As a treatment counselor, he was a keen and sympathetic listener and as a musician he practiced, improved and progressed until he could support himself entirely through his ability as a pianist.James set a good example for me- the lesson, be willing to work and show up and the rest will come in time. To me, James' sense of humor and kindness sets him apart.Maurice FergusonSee MoreRead Less

Review by JeRome Edward Tarver

I have had a business relationship with Kenneth since 1970. I have been associated with him on various projects and worked for him as a radio disc jockey at two (2) radio stations.

Through my observations of Kenneth I have learned the value of sticking to your dreams, self sacrefice and dedication to family and friends. I have observed him in numerous situations exercise good judgement and handle administrative matters with an even hand.

He is creative and has the ability to grasp issues quickly and make decisive decisions. Kenneth is dedicated to his community at times placing its well being ahead of his own opportunities for advancement. Anyone seeking to engage in any venture with him should know that Kenneth is someone you can not only trust but whom you can rely on to deliver under any circumstances.

JeRome Edward Tarver
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