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Review by Suzanne Jennings

Earl and his wife Kimberly are amazing people of God. They have a wonderful ministry geared for children...that also entertains adults! Vertical Kids came and did our WHOLE BIBLE SCHOOL several years ago.... it was fantastic! They planted many seeds that have come up in the lives of my kids. The returned to do their Christmas Show... which everyone LOVED! They put the plan of salvation into language a kid can understand. If you ask my kids today, "What is sin?", they reply "Sin is anything you think, say or do that makes God unhappy." --Earl Long. ;-)See MoreRead Less

Review by Jen Spychal

Meagen Lee did an amazing job with my spring country wedding out at my family's apple orchard this last May. We had a short engagement and she was still able to give us the look we wanted and our wedding turned out gorgeous!

Meagen worked with me to design custom pieces for my boquet, my bridesmaid boquets, nosegays for my mother and mother and law, and unique boutineers for all the men in the wedding. She was very knowledgeable and helpful to find flowers that were in season and to fit my tight budget, but still give me the look I wanted. She even encorporated browns into my boquet (my wedding was all earth tones brown and greens with accents of pink) by creating these adorable pinecone flowers! There were some in my boquet and in my grooms boutineer. I got TONS of compliments on them.

On my wedding day, Meagen set me at ease by showing up early, helping with my arrangements, and personally delivered my bouquet. I was really upset that my great grandmothers could not make it to my wedding, so Meagen worked together with my mom to encorporate a piece of them into by boquet so they were there with me. She pinned in a piece of jewelry and a brooch, one from each of my grandma's, and presented me the boquet with the special message that my grandmothers were there with me even though they couldn't make it in person. It meant the world to me that she would take the time to make such a personal touch (and without me even knowing!). She also helped us find loose flowers to use in some of our other decorating such as the arbor my husband made, and everything turned out better than I ever imagined. Thank you Meagen!! I could not have had a more beautiful wedding day!! -Jen Spychal
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Review by Marci Clyburn

I was so happy with my purchase! My little boy is obsessed with lions and Joanne was able to create a piece with a lion licking my son's face while he was laughing. Also, I can never get my son, husband and grandfather together for a picture so Joanne took 3 individual pictures and painted a portrait of them. I am so so happy and would recommend her in a heartbeat!See MoreRead Less

Review by Armand Mastroianni

As a film director I have worked with many writers over the years developing stories and scripts. Occasionally I've come across a writer who I would consider a rare talent like Betty Dravis. Her ability to expertly control her narrative, create distinctive characters and keep a reader completely enthralled is amazing. I was introduced to Betty when she asked me to read a collection of short stories entitled Six Pack of Blood which she wrote with the equally talented Barbara Watkins. I became an instant a fan and read it in one sitting.
The stories were chilling and original.
I wrote a foreword to the book praising it as terrifying, unique and thoroughly engrossing! I've now become familiar with other works by Betty Dravis and was pleased to find such diversity in her books. Whether it's a family saga, a prophecy about an unborn child, a charming story about toonies invading Silicon Valley or the behind the scenes of interviews with famous celebrities just to mention a few, you know you're in the hands of a master storyteller. The apparent ease and style of Betty's writing makes her work appealing and highly entertaining.
I feel fortunate to have met Betty Dravis through her work and hope that many others, like me will do the same and become lifetime fans.
Armand Mastroianni
Shore Road Entertainment
Producer/ Director
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Review by Jojo Elicha

The first time I heard Darren's voice I got excited.
He is a good artist excellent singer.
I got so excited I wanted him to sing one of my song.
Called walking down a dusty road.
My song fits his voice so well.
I could here his voice behind my lyrics and music and melody.
I met Darren on facebook threw Phil hunolt.
I give him all the stars.
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Review by John Archer Lundgren

Ryan is extremely talented, not only as a director and editor; but, also, as a writer and visual artist. I have worked on a number of his projects, and viewed others, in which his creative skills were noteworthy. Among his outstanding projects, he has been able to visualize and bring to life on screen classic literature, not only by means of his camera work, but through the artistic rendering of scenes and props supporting the actions of his actors performing in front of, under and over green screen. His writings have included bringing sentimental touches of romance to the science-fiction genre. Finally, as an actor, I should note that Ryan is the type of director, with whom it is a pleasure to work.See MoreRead Less

Review by Andrew Ratcliffe

Yo home boy. U were my man from pot and pans to gettin lite 50 grands in your hands... lol we've been tru friends for OVER 35 YEARS now Tank. And AIn't NOTHING CHANGE BUT OUR LOCATIONS.I Shall give my life b 4 my loyalty fails. I got you Tank T.
The One And Only...
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Review by Akshay Oberoi

First and foremost, I'd like to thank Sukhi for everything. He was super patient through the preparation, planning, and execution. I'll admit, I'm pretty OCD when it comes to what I want- and he completely delivered and exceeded my expectations. During the event, while it was only background music, I bothered him to make sure he'd be able to get the crowd on the dance floor when the time comes. He replied with a smile telling me to relax and enjoy myself- and later on when he started spinning, the dance floor was instantly crowded and full of energy. His set up and lighting was absolutely amazing, and having been around for a long time he really knows how to treat his clients. My dad isn't one to go out of his way to compliment a vendor 3 days later, but he specifically told me he loved Sukhis energy and attitude in how he dealt with him. He had a smile on his face the entire night, and was very accommodating and professional. I also had a performer brought in, Sukhi handled all logistics, contract, everything...and they both killed it together. Look no further than Sukhi and the BPR crew for your events, whether it be for a complete package including lighting, decor, and a performer- or just for his DJ services. The hall went from looking elegant and formal to looking like a club as soon as his lighting took over once dancing started, we were truly blown away. Thanks again Sukhi, I look forward to working with you in the future.See MoreRead Less

Review by Seansadet Sentana

Greeting Lady @[1307455163:2048:Marlene Mendoza]:

It is my great honor to support you & your outstanding work in the Entertainment industry, which you have been working diligently & tirelessly to make this distinguish Corporation happen.

I am absolutely impressed with your unique business features, as in The Gilt Entertainment Corp web site. I am truly honor to be accepted by you as one of your distinguish Gilt Entertainment members.

Thank you for keeping the members well inform of your progress in number of the movies that you and your team have been working on.

You are the great inspiration for me and other women aboard, as the strong, intelligent, & courageous woman in this highly global competitive entertainment industry.

I wish you all the best with great success in every thing that you do. Please always count me in as one of your number one supporters always.

Respectfully Submitted;

@[100000335551893:2048:Simone Sanoubane]
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Review by Sue Warwick

I specifically went to Herried Music to talk to Lynn about buying a uke. I have known Lynn since his son, Shaun, was in my first grade class. He is an amazing musician and so perdect in the job he now has. I told him I wanted to learn to play a ukulele. I had tried the keyboard many years ago. He asked why that didn't work out...hmmm...hadn't thought about that. It was just too hard to find time to practice in another room in the home away from everything. I had heard the uke was easier and was obviously more portable.
Lynn explained the different kinds of ukes and played each kind so I could hear the difference. I picked the sound I liked and the price I wanted to pay. That narrowed the choices and I picked the one I liked. He helped with books, etc. A totally happy experience.
I am not by any means good but I really enjoy plunking away and singing with Don in the living room.
As far as what makes Lynn stand out. He didn't just sell me a uke, he helped me sell it to myself...no pressure!
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