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There are 300 recommended Artists on Stik. Read reviews from people you know to find the best local Artist.

Review by Bert Baron

One of the most passionate and dedicated pros I've even known. He doesn't only know the ins and outs of beauty, fashion, entertainment, and pop culture; he LIVES it. Every event that Stephen attends or hosts is elevated by his presence. Infinite cool.See MoreRead Less

Review by Annamaria Novello Conklin

Since 2001 My family has continuously used Paul Knox to DJ our parties ....He is seriously one of the best DJ's out there..and he definitely knows how to use his talent the best and Rock a party...Not only has he DJ'd for my personal parties but many of my family members have also had the pleasure to have him DJ their Wedding's,Baptisms, Sweet 16's . Next to him there is one other DJ that we Highly recommend to our family and friends...! During each event..guests are constantly Raving about what an Excellent DJ he is...! The dance floor is never Bare...No doubt about it...he will continue to DJ our events for as long as he continues with his talent...See MoreRead Less

Review by Peter Lauro

I have known Memphis Gold for many years and have worked with him on many different projects. Besides being a heck of a good writer, a heck of a good guitarist and a heck of a good vocalist, he is a heck of a great guy as well.

After having only communicated with him via the Internet for some years we finally got to meet at the Blues Music Awards in Memphis, TN a years back. For as long as I live, I will never forget our introduction. From afar, I saw a distinguished looking man all dressed up in a sharp looking suit and he was wearing the unlikely accessory of a baseball cap that was bright gold with green letters that said Vietnam Vet. Not knowing who it was but being a veteran myself, I immediately decided I needed to meet this proud man. I walked up to him and said "excuse me sir, I'd like to introduce myself to you" and extended my hand. At that very second, his wife exuberantly exclaimed "why that's my husband, Memphis Gold". She was as proud a woman as he was a man and the goodness that was being given off from these two people was beyond what words can say about it. Once I told him who I was, we both let out joyous sounds and started hugging. That was about a warm a moment as I can ever remember having in my life.

Professionally, I've had the pleasure of doing reviews of three of his CDS and his songs have appeared on three compilation CDs I've produced. Those reviews can be read and those CDs can be listened to by going to www.Mary4Music.com

"The Blues Is My Passion & Therapy"

Peter "Blewzzman" Lauro
P. O. Box 12285
Ft. Pierce, FL 34979

Blues Editor @ www.Mary4Music.com
2011 "Keeping The Blues Alive" Award Recipient
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Review by Grace Pacheco

Nikkal is great dance troupe leader is tremendiously talented and has a wide range of dancing ability starting back to her early dance background and progressing on to an amazing repetoir of Belly Dancing. Among the many are Cabarete, Egyptian, Turkish. Tribal, Bongra, Tribalrae and oddles more. Not to mention that she is a great coreographer. Check out her double sword dance............I could go on....you have to see her in action.......regards.................Grace.See MoreRead Less

Review by Jane Campfield

I met Roy in church. He was a young teen musician and singer. I was so impressed with his talent that I have followed his career and we became friends.
Roy is a multi-talent! Many artists make a great name for themselves with certain areas of talent. But Roy is blessed with many talents and he is a perfectionist at everything he does!
I've enjoyed his live performances over the years and heard his recordings. Whither he sings great hits of others or his own songs, he always sounds amazing! He is an incredible musician....plays everything under the sun!
Other than our musical connection, I know Roy as a man of great character....he is all about faith, family, friends, and love of country! He is someone that I'm proud to know and to call a friend!
It is an honor to have this opportunity to express my appreciation of this fine man, for all he does!
Thanks, Roy!
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Review by Krissie Nyunt Hughes

Dennis is awesome! I booked him for a 60th birthday party a couple of years ago, and most recently, my wedding. He handled everything smoothly and with such a great smile and positive, fun attitude...including things I realized afterwards that I had forgotten to discuss or pre-plan with him! As a bride, I was being pulled in a million different directions, and he kept the evening on track, so I never felt panicked about the timeline. He is thoughtful and organized. He really keeps the energy up with the guests. His song list is unbelievable...there weren't any songs he didn't have! His sound equipment is excellent--music is clear and loud. So happy and satisfied. Picking a DJ can be nerve-wracking...I've seen many and hired others in the past. Dennis makes you so glad you chose him. I will never use anyone else again.See MoreRead Less

Review by Arainia Pipes

Clayton is a thoughtful, highly creative artist and photographer. He has such a wide range of talents and skills in the field of photography, and produces superior work, yet is kind and has a rare quality that puts his "subjects" at ease, pulling out the best in every photographic moment.

Clayton also possesses a keen eye for appropriate styles of photography for any occasion, and is adept at discerning when to produce highly visually stimulating images, vs. professional and "staid" when necessary.

I would gladly recommend Clayton to anyone who values quality, professionalism, creativity and beauty.
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Review by Catharine Johnson

Exceptional trip and crew, boat was ok- there are prettier but boat was dependepable and safe!!! I wasn't afraid to spill anything and they kept it very clean. Very affordable. We were in good/ knowledgable hands- which was reassuring! We didn't get what we set out for but left with a smile-and Spanish Mak are always good- even if you don't know how to cook them. - be weary of any "guarantee" - no cobia today-we were to early in season- oh well :)I can honestly say that was the best 4 hours I've had in the last 2 weeks!!! I spent it with my family and had the experts telling them and teaching them what to do!! That was priceless!!! I'll have to go on a longer trip- maybe catch a bigger fish or two before I understand all those fisherman terms like.... Fully actualized!!! Hope to plan a tuna trip soon- I'm gonna start saving up!!See MoreRead Less

Review by Maryam Fatima Foye

I've only had the opportunity to work with Ozzie in the full sense, once. The African Continuum Theater Company and Arena Stage were producing a staged reading of one of his latest plays, Kind of Blue, and I was there to direct. The piece itself was beautifully written, intelligent, and resonated with an authenticity that is hard to locate these days.

Mr. Jones allowed me to "play" with the actors by really allowing my own interpretation of the text to shine through. He was trusting. It was a great opportunity, as a director, to have such enormous language to work with, but an even better opportunity to work without being disrupted by the writer's 'my way only' vision or bias.

I have since then, actively started following his work in the schools, community etc. I'm impressed by his audacity, we need as much of it in the world as possible.

~Maryam Fatima Foye
Executive Director, The HBC Theater Project
Hissing Black Cat Theater Company, LLC
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Review by Yaya Chou

I am an artist who has collaborated with John for several art shows. He created custom designed glass vessels for me. The works are true to my vision and in very high quality! John is the only one I know who can take on such a challenge as well as deliver the professional craftsmandship + business relationships. Thank you, John!See MoreRead Less