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DJs in Pennsylvania

There are 40 recommended Artists in Pennsylvania. Read reviews from people you know to find the best Artist.

Review by Howard Henry

Well, I hold as outrageous of a party as I can sparing no expense usually, to entertain my employees each year and Ron Goforth has always done my events. Why? He is funny, hip, Professional and has all of the latest and greatest music. Best of all, his price is fair and he's punctual. Thanks for making our events so special Ron.See MoreRead Less

Review by Lloyd Hart

I have known Bill since the 1970s and all I can say is he has led the best most fun bands from the Central Continental Cowpokes through The Wake to One Life and the Mighty Manatees. Bill has supplied us with enough fun and dance to fill a life time. When I get bummed out all I have to do is think back to 1977, Vancouver BC and The American Hotel. The Central Continental Cowpokes blew the lid off the band stand and I blew the lid of the dance floor. The band caused such a buzz that the CBC came down and filmed it. Bill Hodgson is one of the most fun loving people I have ever met and it always comes out in his music.See MoreRead Less

Review by Donna Horsfield

Horsemen Premier Entertainment is the best in the Poconos. You name it, they've got it or they'll do it! Frank and Chris are the best at pleasing their clients, whether they be sweet sixteens, graduations, weddings, karaoke nights... whatever. They do it all and they do it right! :)See MoreRead Less

Review by Dennis Grove

Worked with Sue in the band Screamin Pink. She had a great voice, colorful stage presence and was very active in the admin side of the band. Very proactive on many different isues and worked very hard to get the band off the ground. Was a please playing and working with her.
Dennis Grove
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Review by Amy Noble

Fred, better known as Phredd, is such a caring person. He always has a smile on his face and a song in his heart. I have known Fred since 1987, when I first started attending Creation. As we grew older, so did our jobs and responsibilities. He was in charge of the staff and I was in charge of the security of the arena. With those added responsibilities came added stress....and I could ALWAYS go to Fred to get calmed down, get advice, and get through the situation with a lightened heart and a smile. Fred taught me to find humor in every situation and that we should allow Christ to shine through even the worst of predicaments. Although after 25 years our paths took us in several directions, I know I have a friend who will pray for me, sing with me, talk to me, and continue to be a huge part of my heart. Phredd continues to make me smile each day. I listen to him across the miles on the radio via internet, and keep up with him, his family, and his music on social media. He stands out as a TRUE friend, one I can always count on for unconditional love.See MoreRead Less

Review by Jessica Leonard Sharockman

Melissa was my daughter's Kindermusik instructor. Melissa was very fun, creative, and provided an educational connection between music and learning. Her classes enhanced my daughter's recognition and cognitive abilities. Three years later, my daughter still utilizes the Kindermusik materials and lessons from Melissa. Two thumbs up!See MoreRead Less

Review by Nadia Facchielli

Mario marino ha collaborato per anni, circa 18, con la Fedim, federazione Italiana Musicoterapia in molte attività essenzialmente musicali, di docenza e di intrapresa. Ha mostrato, in tutti questi ambiti, una spiccata capacità professionale ed una competenza particolare nel relazionar si con le persone riscontrando sempre negli altri simpatia ma anche suscitando affidabilità. I suoi rapporti con i clienti sono stati sempre improntati alla massima disponibilità con grande ritorno in termini economici per la Federazione. Non è mai successo che fosse pervenuta a questa direzione una qualsiasi lamentela riguardo al suo operato. Anzi durante la sua permanenza nella Federazione Italiana Musicoterapia l'adesione dei clienti è andata sempre incrementandosi.See MoreRead Less

Review by Bernard Tomassetti

Loves music. Can play most anyone's but prefers to write and play his own in his own style. Has many sources of influence and combines many of them to establish his own sound. He does his research on the equipment that he uses and only buys the best when he can afford it - otherwise he'll wait until he can and then buys it. Quality of sound is top on his list. He has been very influential to others. When they doubt what he says as far as tone or other sound qualities, when he can, instead of arguing, he meets with them, lets them play their "sound" through their equipment, then has them play through his. Once they've done that, it usually convinces them as they can hear the difference for themselves.
I am Vinny's dad and am VERY proud of him. He has been a true friend to many and a good son. He is the real deal as he is true to himself and his ideals. He is always there when he is needed and will always give you an honest answer. I couldn't be happier about what kind of man my son has become.
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Review by Barbara Koehnlein

Eric is very dependable, extremely cooperative, direct, straightforward, honest and polite. He is also enthusiastic, energetic and displays positive behavior.

Eric’s quantity of work is outstanding. He always follows through, anticipates problems and communicates before they occur when possible.
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Review by Kathy Dunn

Billy is an Awesome Promoter for the bands, he get's the word out! You can't get a better deal Anywhere and it's Free. This man takes promoting Above and Beyond, Billy has a Kind, Kickass Heart to boot! You Can't ask for anyone better \m/ > Keepin' it MetalSee MoreRead Less