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DJs in Oregon

There are 21 recommended Artists in Oregon. Read reviews from people you know to find the best Artist.

Review by Kim Martin

If you truly love the old school jams, then Michael Morris is the DJ for you. He will keep you jamming on the dance floor. Michael has been a DJ for several years and is more than excellent when it comes to Old School jams. I wouldn't have any other DJ at my party..See MoreRead Less

Review by Lynnette Mosqueda

I have been extremely fortunate to work with Mike and I have watched this man pour his heart and soul into everything he touches! I could'nt be more proud of knowing him! He makes you want to be a better person! AN AMAZING PRO!See MoreRead Less

Review by Alexis Lazarus

I have always had pleasant interactions with Sky. I first came in contact with him through Facebook which is obviously a useful tool for networking. His posts are both intriguing and specific and the invites and messages he sends me are for events that would be of interest to my friends and I. What I like about Sky is his consistency in promoting and keeping those who follow him up to date on the good stuff. It is obviously something he gives a lot of time and attention to and those who look to him for information on events in the area benefit greatly from that.See MoreRead Less

Review by Lauri Webber

I have known Tony since kindergarten and watched his talent grow until he was performing professionally. He is talented and creative and just an all around great jazz pianist. He is a great performer and well worth going to watch perform. I highly recommend Tony.See MoreRead Less

Review by Dayle Raddigan-roy

I grew up with Doug went all through school with him. Doug was always a friend to me and I hope I was always a friend to him. He keeps me updated on other classmates,,,,He loves and appreciates good music and other musicians. I am proud to call him my friendSee MoreRead Less

Review by Joan Purvis

Joan Purvis, Sunderland Ontario Canada.

I met John and Dana Gibson many years ago in Nashville Tenn. while I was there attending Fan Fair. I was amazed that the heart and soul these young musicians put into each and every performance. Their remarkable personalities and loyality to their fans came of no surprise to me. They were very honest, and life loving individuals that took little time for me to love them and their music. We became very good friends and I consided myself to be their "Canadian Mom". I have not had the opportunity or the privilege of meeting the rest of the members of MAJIK but I am sure that they are every bit as talented and as dedicated as John and Dana and with just as much sincerity.
I can't say enough to give my support to Majik. Whenever you get the chance to see them or listen to them, give yourself the gift of music and listen to them with your heart.....You will absolutely love what you hear!
See MoreRead Less

Review by Scott Andre

I would recommend John to anyone , He is a true professional and one of the best DJ'S, I have heard , He keeps everybody interested and there is never a dull moment. You will never go wrong in hiring John for your festivity, He is a true professional, and He is still known up here in upstate New York as one of the best DJ'S!See MoreRead Less

Review by Perry Witt

I have played with numerous drummers throughout my music career and Gabriel stands above the rest because of his continued dedication and personal growth in music, he masterfully plays many styles such as Metal, Rock, Funk and elements of Jazz. Gabriel has continually kept me on top of my game with his relentless drive and devotion to creating the best music possible! Even though he is my son and best friend his talents would still stand out if we were not related, he truly is one of the most sought out drummers in whatever area he resides and he continues to prove that year after year!See MoreRead Less

Review by Linda Gilpin

Sonali is a bright, passionate young woman who is delightful in convesation and company. She is interested in many things, talented and capable. It takes a special kind of confidence to perform as the lead voacalist on stage in front of a large audience, but Sonali has done this many times with great poise. The dedication she brings to friendships, her energy and her generous nature are some of the reasons she has so many long term friends. I definitely recommend Sonali for any endeavor she decides to try.See MoreRead Less

Review by Paul Scholl

I can't imagine anyone else running this place as well. Great selection, great service. Love this place!