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DJs in New York, New York

There are 14 recommended Artists in New York, NY. Read reviews from people you know to find the best Artist.

Review by Rich Phoenix

Big Jay - a great radio personality who "works" his show. Record Pig, he sez - perhaps - but, this is where all of the worthwhile, traditional radio excitement originates! Jay is always prepared with something worthwhile to say to his audience and comments that speak to the music he's playing! Remember his exploits on WNNNNNNBC back then, and being wowed by a local guy, guileless, who gets it said and is one-on-one with his audience; and, what a great CBSFM air personality. He is a valued friend and proof that air talent should be given recognition and all the rewards accruing an effective, entertaining communicator. Perhaps you can't put a price on it, but Big Jay represents what is scarce in today's local radio, and what has the best shot at retrieving the audience numbers that have strayed to other attractions and detractions. Stay BIG, Jay!See MoreRead Less

Review by Mary Sweetness

Do ya thing! Tell them to check out stax radio too! Stax radio live 365 on facebook! were we play my music and indie artists! hip hop, rnb, reggae, past present, and future or you can join stax radio group and play a music video you want to hear on our station! Peace and one love!See MoreRead Less

Review by Rew Asterik

DyLaN is so KooL in every way.. I have done so many gigz w/ him & he is the package. KiCk'S aSS in style..guitar ability & all around piZZaZZ.. I LuV DyLaN.. we are definitely non blood family... He's the best..he even took BiLLy FiCCa into his band.. & asked in advance.. He is respectful & classy...always professional.. xXxSee MoreRead Less

Review by Cristina Pimentel

I love your work! U are at true beauty and a special star in the sky!~** Luv u!

Review by Mable Ivory

Raquel is a very creative designer with a multitude of experience. She's worked on just about everything and her designs ate very versatile. Her rates are affordable and her work is excellent.See MoreRead Less

Review by Sheri Fishbach

I had the pleasure of meeting Spencer through mutual friends. As a writer, I am always seeking to cull whatever information I can about a person, especially creative visionaries. Spencer is not only a visionary, he is a great dispenser of knowledge in his field. His work is impeccable and clearly illustrates his passion and thirst for excellence. Talent is recognizable. You see it and feel it when it's there.See MoreRead Less

Review by Love Sunrise

The more I say about Mr. Laman the less it will be. He is a person with generous heart, and positive thinking. He is a very hardworking, dedicated and respectful person. He is also very kind and a helpful person and, friend one would want. Mr.Laman was there to help me when I had no hope. He had helped in my bad time without any expections or restrictions. I will never ever forget in my life what he had done for me, therefore Blessing comes from my heart to Mr. Laman whenever I flashback. I highly Recommend Mr. Laman Edward Richard to the majorities and professionals. It takes a LUCK to come across a person, or friend such as Mr.Laman. Which I'm grateful to God to have a friend like Mr. Laman. So good Luck to everyone!:)See MoreRead Less

Review by Jeff Ivey

I have known Brian for a number of years. He and I have a professional and personel friendship. Over the years I have called on Brian for a number of projects. Not once did he let me down. He went above and beyond my expectations and the quality of his work clearly stands out from the rest. His personal commitment to my project made it easier for me to plan my families future. I would recommend Brian to anyone seeking true professionalism in his field.See MoreRead Less

Review by Scott Lindy

Ever worked with or supervised someone and thought to yourself, "it's like they don't even care!" Yeah,...Fabrice eats those people for lunch!

Creativity combined with a work ethic and communication style that will make you want to clone her is Fabrice's calling card. She worked for me (really with me) for a few years and I've been looking for someone with her talent, idea generation, learning ability and problem solving skills ever since. if you hire her or work with her you'll be thinking the same two things I was; "does she know how good she is?",.. and "I 've got to keep her!"
See MoreRead Less