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DJs in California

There are 178 recommended Artists in California. Read reviews from people you know to find the best Artist.

Review by Ksenia Shabelsky

I has been a great pleasure to collaborate with Dmitry on a few projects, our wedding being one of them.
Aside from being a super talented singer and instrumentalist he possess an a wide range of hard to find personal and professional qualities. Dmitriy is reliable, dependable, proactive & diligent, he can think quickly on his feet, adapt quickly to shifting priorities and do whatever it takes, regardless of a role, position or “hat” he is wearing at that moment, to get things done.
Dmitry is a remarkable professional who’s driven by something deeper and more personal than just the desire to do a good job.
We were also extremely lucky to have such an industry savvy individual and benefit greatly from a number of his recommendations for both vendors & ideas for our special night.
You are in great hands! NSP will make sure to make any planning process simple, painless & fun, and Dmitry’s expertise & presence will turn any plain-vanilla event into a party of your life-time with a lot of flair and flavor.
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Review by Gina Mccracken

Jimmy is fun and energetic, he is so professional and entertaining! I own a beauty salon and had Jimmy dj a holiday party at the salon as a customer appreciation, everyone had such a good time and look forward to the next party! That event brought in business as Jimmy included local businesses around me during my event and I was able to meet my neighbors and gain new clients. I have attended several private parties and weddings that jimmy has done, and every event was appropriate and tons of fun! I highly recommend JYMO Entertainment you will not be disappointed!See MoreRead Less

Review by Shae Dawn

~*~ I have known kharran Beacham for two years know and is one the most.

Dedicated people I have ever met. /> *~ He has been in the buisness for Many years now he is a very moving &.

Spontanious person!

with Motivation, Intelligence, & Passion!
*~ He loves to help other artist improve and build so they can get where they.

want to go in the Entertainment Industry.
*~He has a good heart and does everything with Happiness and Love he has.

his own Modeling Agency and Knows the business well after all,

Music and teaching is what he puts his all in!
*~Music is his talent as well as helping others, I and many others look up to.

*~He is well respected by people from all over the world and this is why Kharran Beacham is a very trusted Professional! (0^_^0)See MoreRead Less

Review by Freedom Renaissance

We need to add all bureaucratic systems & war profiteering monarchies who have deliberately deceived, forced, & coerced people everywhere into paying taxes & investing in their stock markets in exchange for selfish standards of living while thieving of all OUR GOD/DESS given resources from all species & life through their banking systems, courts (aka banking systems), attorneys (aka bankers) and their military's (aka forcefed reconstruction companies). They worship evil energy and put on the mask of democracy, civility, and hypocritical laws that apply to everyone else besides themselves. If only they would remember we all come from the same source and that same spiritual source is watching all their actions and will hold them accountable beyond anything they can possibly fathom. There is still time for the evil doers to make amends, make things right, and come aboard an abundant peaceful & joyful journey for all...however their window of opportunity to set things right is closing. I think they should be added to the list as well. PEACE 2 us all.See MoreRead Less

Review by Betty Doerr

Leela is an inspired teacher and musical director. She taught my son for three summers, and he interned for his last summer. Being the bass player in a band, and a vocalist in the chorus advanced him musically, and made him grow as a person. Leela provides the opportunity for young people to be trained by professionals, flourish as musicians and vocalists, and develop self-esteem. They are exposed to a range of genres, from rock to pop to jazz to world music. YPI performances lift the hearts of those who listen and participate. Leela has a true gift for working with young performers, and I highly recommend her.See MoreRead Less

Review by Robert Baird

John Strives for Perfection in Every thing He Does... Meet John when I Played with the McBride Bros Band For a Breif Time .. Very Easy going Guy .. Very Easy to Take Too ...See MoreRead Less

Review by Joseph Mccauley

John Charles is very gifted and can bring down the house as well as bringing a gentle spirit of worship with his music. He has wonderful musical talents. It's been a pleasure over the years to watch how he can move worship, create music and motivate others to new possibilities. Blessings John, Joe and Margaret McCauley.See MoreRead Less

Review by Donna Smith

Hello my name is Donna Smith aka Lady D. I am an Artist/Poet/Writer and Actress. I know Greg Ballad through our professional interaction and common entertainment interests. Mr. Ballad has given me the opportunity to network and to strengthen my stage presence by being a part of some of his entertainment opportunities. What makes Greg Ballad stand out is his blessed ability to entertain, lead and to help those who are less fortunate in motivating, encouraging and bringing out the best in people. It is my honor to work with such an uplifting entertainer and artist.See MoreRead Less

Review by Alexandria Darnes

"I have seen Carlos in action as a photographer and I admire his photographs and his artistry. Carlos was a pleasure to work with as a judge at the Be Rio and Be That Kid Productions/Events. He definitely has a great eye. He is entertaining as a Radio Talk Show host, covering the topics with knowledge and flair. It's refreshing. Every "ARTIST" is creative and therefore can express themselves in many art media forms. It is always a pleasure to see and hear Chaz Man Loredo and I would highly recommend his expertise and services."See MoreRead Less

Review by Keri Croft

I highly recommend Michael Nayt. He is in the top of the line of the people I have worked with. I forsee great things in Mr. Nayts future. Respectfully.See MoreRead Less