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Artists in Dallas, Texas

There are 18 recommended Artists in Dallas, TX. Read reviews from people you know to find the best Artist.

Review by William Morrow

Well I walked into Montery Restasure in Dallas Tx where he was playing about a year ago. He sing oldies and then we became friends. I listen every sunday to his internet radio show. I was in business with him though GDI. If I was going to hire someone to sing oldies or hire someone to help me promote my business he is the one. Little Anthony teach music lesson and voice over classes plus more. You need to try and talk to him he can help in many different ways. He is honest and someone that I trust.See MoreRead Less

Review by Susan Wade

Radio Professional - true radio professional! You remember that kid..who for years didn't say much...just gathering intel and information from those around him and the news. And then all the sudden, one day, he's this guy who has his finger on the pulse of every single thing going on in the world and wants to talk about it. That's Pugs. You never know what he's going to say, but you can bet it will be entertaining, thought provoking, and interesting! I have had some wonderful years working with John Pugs, some of the finest years. Loves to have fun while getting the work done!!See MoreRead Less

Review by Pat Novak

Paul has an innate gift and talent when it comes to music. He is able to create and produce a variety of musical styles and genres. While also composing his own beautiful original pieces. He is a master at his craft and was born to do it.See MoreRead Less

Review by Joe Kvidera

Bruce worked for me for several years and he was a consummate professional, a creative problem solver and a man who would never hesitate to dive in and help. It seemed like "That's not MY job" just wasn't in his vocabulary. And he was an excellent trainer who could be counted on to instill his good habits in others as well! Bruce is the best!See MoreRead Less

Review by Rebekah Tolley

Jordan is a dedicated creative, who served as an archive consultant on our documentary feature film, WE WENT TO WAR. Jordan is recommended indeed!See MoreRead Less

Review by Torri Gulledge

I've known Rob since elementary school, back in our home town. He's a great guy from a very nice family. I would definately recommend him to anyone!See MoreRead Less

Review by Helen Clarke

CE Johnson, is a brilliant, articulate and great writter..She possess true skills, she is a woman of great substance..I admire and depend on her words of wisdom and intelligence...that puts me a Script and Free lance writer to shades!See MoreRead Less

Review by Matty Leon

She is a DIVA and will make you one to. Very knowledgeable about current trends and getting the best look for you.

Review by Sallie Cornelio

Outstanding person, outstanding master of dance. Just a beautiful spirited person someone to have on any team.love her.

Review by Sebastiano Trentini

Silvio is a quick learner, very dedicated to his work, reliable.