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Artists in Texas

There are 230 recommended Artists in Texas. Read reviews from people you know to find the best Artist.

Review by Fliss Braham

I would recommend anyone to visit Patti's on line store where you will find a wide range of products with wonderful photographic images and designs to suit all tastes. Customization is also available making them ideal gifts.See MoreRead Less

Review by Dorothy Scherr

I have known Robyn well since about 1981, when we both did some programs together and then Robyn moved to Fort Worth.

I have worked with Robyn in her capacity as a coach or team leader for many years- I always get as much out of being on her team as I do for the course itself. She is insightful and funny, with powerful insights. She has a way of cutting through to the heart of the matter and knowing the perfect thing to say to jolt you out of being stuck, often with a laugh of recognition. She is fun, witty, brilliant and just a wonderful person. But she has another quality too which is hard to put into words- I would call it Samurai- a kind of gravity, a stand for extraordinary results that are outside the nine dots. As a coach, you can't find anyone better. As an artist, whatever she does is totally original and extraordinary. As a friend, she is amazing. If you have a chance to work with her, hire her, or buy her artwork, you should do whatever you can to spend time with her and approach it as if you were meeting with a Zen master who is so wise and brave that being in her presence is a total privilege.See MoreRead Less

Review by William Morrow

Well I walked into Montery Restasure in Dallas Tx where he was playing about a year ago. He sing oldies and then we became friends. I listen every sunday to his internet radio show. I was in business with him though GDI. If I was going to hire someone to sing oldies or hire someone to help me promote my business he is the one. Little Anthony teach music lesson and voice over classes plus more. You need to try and talk to him he can help in many different ways. He is honest and someone that I trust.See MoreRead Less

Review by T Jae Christian

Jerry is one of the most hard working, dedicated people in this business! BEING A FINE INDEPENDENT ARTIST HIMSELF, He understands the nature of this beast & gives his full attention to helping Indie artist all over the world to a better understanding of what artist can do to help themselves & the only doors that will open are the ones you knock down! Jerry's radio shows are networked all over the world & DEVOTED TO THE PROMOTION OF THE INDIE ARTIST! Folks, AIndie artisy are getting heard & well known thru Jerry Cramer, So I suggest logging on to CMGRADIO.INFO & BECOMING A MEMBER . THERES NO BETTER PLACE TO START THEN RIGHT HERE WITH JERRY! So, if you truely are a true artist that is serious about being an artist, then drop in on jerry & tell him, T. JAE SENT YA!! It's you career, DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!!!See MoreRead Less

Review by Bette Epstein

I met Madilyn in Dallas in 1973 when we were in the same fiber artists group. Over the years she has never ceased to amaze me with her unique designs in every media she uses for her work. She is totally fearless for she knows her gifts and her tenacity overwhelms many of us for she never stops creating. She never runs out of ideas for her personal expression. Her work is emotional and brings the eye to delight in the feelings that come forth from a showing of new objects.See MoreRead Less

Review by Sharon Burger

Freds wonderful work always puts a smile on my face.. He paints what he feels and that beautiful smile says what he feels.. I have had the pleasure of following this wonderful artist on Facebook and FAA for a couple of years, enjoying his whimsical work as well as his more refined paintings, his sense of humor and his serious side... something for everyone..he is also a fantastic support for all of his artist friends..
His art is well worth the stroll through his gallery..
An artist friend
Sharon Burger
See MoreRead Less

Review by Raymond Turner

As a former student of Marvin "Prof" Sparks, I cannot imagine where the trajectory of my musical career would have taken without his diligent instruction, correction, and the standard of musical excellence he imparted to me. He is truly a professor par excellence. An outstanding drummer, percussionist, arranger, consultant and educator, his influence reaches far and wide throughout U.S. I am honored to have been under his baton, and to now be able to commend his efforts to a national audience!!! Prof Sparks is a one-of-a-kind; you are never left the same after having encountered his kindness, encouragement, and musical prowess!See MoreRead Less

Review by Susan Wade

Radio Professional - true radio professional! You remember that kid..who for years didn't say much...just gathering intel and information from those around him and the news. And then all the sudden, one day, he's this guy who has his finger on the pulse of every single thing going on in the world and wants to talk about it. That's Pugs. You never know what he's going to say, but you can bet it will be entertaining, thought provoking, and interesting! I have had some wonderful years working with John Pugs, some of the finest years. Loves to have fun while getting the work done!!See MoreRead Less

Review by Tim Castro

Mr. Courtney is a fine music educator which is respected and well like by his students. He is knowledgeable in field and combines very solid practical skills with fine tuned theoretical skills. In my estimation a fine music educator.See MoreRead Less

Review by Pat Novak

Paul has an innate gift and talent when it comes to music. He is able to create and produce a variety of musical styles and genres. While also composing his own beautiful original pieces. He is a master at his craft and was born to do it.See MoreRead Less