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Artists in Oregon

There are 85 recommended Artists in Oregon. Read reviews from people you know to find the best Artist.

Review by JeRome Edward Tarver

I have had a business relationship with Kenneth since 1970. I have been associated with him on various projects and worked for him as a radio disc jockey at two (2) radio stations.

Through my observations of Kenneth I have learned the value of sticking to your dreams, self sacrefice and dedication to family and friends. I have observed him in numerous situations exercise good judgement and handle administrative matters with an even hand.

He is creative and has the ability to grasp issues quickly and make decisive decisions. Kenneth is dedicated to his community at times placing its well being ahead of his own opportunities for advancement. Anyone seeking to engage in any venture with him should know that Kenneth is someone you can not only trust but whom you can rely on to deliver under any circumstances.

JeRome Edward Tarver
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Review by Lori Carlson

The thing that struck me when I heard Brian sing the first time, was just that, what an incredible singer he is! He has great stage presence, is charismatic, professional, focused and spot on. He has a natural flair for fashion and dresses the stage in style! His passion for his music creates a such a buzz that at some venues there has literally been standing room only, still he is very down to earth interacting and talking with the fans when not performing. No doubt about it Brian is one of the best in the business!See MoreRead Less

Review by Betty Tandberg

I have known Denise since the early 1990's when I joined OAS. Denise has always been most helpful and sharing with her knowledge and friendship. Heck yes, I "recommend" Denise Cramer Hershey and you won't be sorry! Love ya Denise! See you soon..............See MoreRead Less

Review by Fred Cusinato

As far as "The Brotherhood of All Sentient" is concerned, John Cornett is a perfect example for his fellow souls. He has donated much of his time to many important causes, be it music for a documentary about inventor John Searl, music which is tuned to the harmonic frequencies of the cosmos (A=432Hz/D=144Hz), or be it making hemp oil... the kind of oil that cures cancer. This gentleman has a heart of gold, and if he isn't a perfect example for others to follow, I don't know who is.See MoreRead Less

Review by Valerie Gilbert

Debra is an artist, entrepreneur, lover of life, people, jewelry, crystals and semi-precious stones! Her jewelry is incredibly unique and beautiful. If you like powerful, one of a kind pieces of art, check out her jewelry!See MoreRead Less

Review by Pete Peterson

Regan is a bright and creative individual who is very invested in her students. She will put a maximum effort into any task before her. I have known Regan for twenty years and she continues to amaze me with her pursuit of knowledge and skill. I highly recommend her for any job.See MoreRead Less

Review by Lianne Schneider

I have known Lisa as a free-lance writing colleague through a number of forums to which we belong. She is an exceptionally talented writer - her poetry is very poignant and relevant and everyone can relate to both her style and content. She has a literary and accomplished grasp of the nuances of language and her imagery is very visual and emotive. Lisa has a unique gift as well - she is able to "marry" her poetry to her own beautiful photography. She's very talented but at the same time, extraordinarily supportive of other artists, like myself, who could just as easily be viewed as competitors in a very small market. Perhaps that is why she stands out so clearly in my mind - her generous spirit actually enhances her own art in so many ways.See MoreRead Less

Review by Kristin Conley

I Have known Linnea my whole life as we grew up together. Linnea's Mother was one of my first art teachers and had a huge influence on my life! I consider Linnea to be extremely gifted and one of the best artists I have ever personally known. And she has inspired me in my own artistic pursuits over the years. Linnea has a very unique and creative style in her art and comes from a very gifted family of artist including her father. and mother.See MoreRead Less

Review by Zoe Claire

I have known Stephen Rutlledge for over 20 years. I met him during a theatre show, and worked with him a number of times. He was always (without exception) the most prepared, together and professional actor I have ever known. He is a team player, and finds a way to help fill in all the gaps others leave. I wish I still had the opportunity to perform with him. As a writer, he consistently posts interesting, relevant and entertaining stories that I look forward to reading every day. When I have worked with Stephen in retail, he is the consummate professional. Warm and caring and willing to go the extra mile. I recommend Stephen to anyone looking for an excellent employee. You will be lucky to have him.See MoreRead Less

Review by Leeanne Chandler

Stephan's art deco influence can be seen throughout the city of Newport Oregon. He is the artistic consultant for Newport's historic Art Deco District. He also is very active in Newport's community theater where he has designed numerous sets. As a member of the local theater community I cannot imagine what it would be like if he were not a part of it. His art has a magical quality that enriches the all whom it touches.See MoreRead Less