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Artists in New York, New York

There are 68 recommended Artists in New York, NY. Read reviews from people you know to find the best Artist.

Review by Rich Phoenix

Big Jay - a great radio personality who "works" his show. Record Pig, he sez - perhaps - but, this is where all of the worthwhile, traditional radio excitement originates! Jay is always prepared with something worthwhile to say to his audience and comments that speak to the music he's playing! Remember his exploits on WNNNNNNBC back then, and being wowed by a local guy, guileless, who gets it said and is one-on-one with his audience; and, what a great CBSFM air personality. He is a valued friend and proof that air talent should be given recognition and all the rewards accruing an effective, entertaining communicator. Perhaps you can't put a price on it, but Big Jay represents what is scarce in today's local radio, and what has the best shot at retrieving the audience numbers that have strayed to other attractions and detractions. Stay BIG, Jay!See MoreRead Less

Review by Amanda Shulman

I have known Ruthie for about 15 years, and I can honestly say she is one of the KINDEST, most wonderful person in the world, not to mention caring! She has always been so super supportive of me and I'm more than thrilled to have the opportunity to support her :) She is an extremely talented artist and so, SO creative. Anyone would be lucky to have her as a co-worker.See MoreRead Less

Review by Stephanie Fallone

I recommend Joan for any designer to work with. I have had the privilege to work on several productions with her and have found every time to be absolutely wonderful. She has a clear vision and looks to the designer to help her bring it to life. A definite collaborator!!! When working with her, I find myself going that extra mile to make a production that much better because I know she will be right there with me. Highly, highly recommended!!!See MoreRead Less

Review by Shirley Chavez

Frank Calo, is a honest and loyal person. His word is true and he will go above and beyond insuring all goes right. I have know Frank Calo, since we were children and he is a true family person, his family and his directing and producing are his life. I can assure you that Frank Calo, hasn't changed since he was our neighbor.

When Frank states that he will get he job done, I can tell you that he will insure it is finished and a great product. Frank honesty is what makes him a stand up person.

Frank Calo, is a very private person, when it come to his personal life. But without a doubt would stand behind him in any decision that he makes..
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Review by Michelle Lawrence

Met Julio at RCC, which he was the Minister of music. His showmanship was off the top! He showed no inhibition in his worship to God. Of course, because of his sincere devotion to what he does and what he do best, we have been drawn to a lifetime commitment of friendship. And he is truly a friend, there is nothing he wouldn't do for you if it is within his power and he has a way of making you feel real special. When he was in the hospital way back when, he had flatlined and I remembered praying fervently for his recovery. Wow, just look at what God has done. Julio is a healed man! My prayer is that he continues to be all the master creator has designed this masterpiece to be! May God get all the GLORY!See MoreRead Less

Review by Leilani Denisac

David is excellent in his craft and a pleasure to work with. Looking forward to working with him in the future.

Review by Jeannie Clinton

Tony was a joy to work with during the PHILDEV Gala at Lincoln Center this past year. I was an outsider coming into a glorious group of Filipinos and Tony was kind and extremely professional. He introduced me to new colleagues who I now have the privilege to call friends. He is an excellent musician and very talented. I can't wait to have the opportunity to work with him again.See MoreRead Less

Review by Natalia Tsybina

I've been acquainted with Ioan for more than 5 years. We first met at one of Midtown restaurants where we both worked. I was a bartender and he was my supervisor. We became friends and remained the relationship since then.
During our work together he was a great manager who looked at any issue from many perspectives, analyzed it, and only after that made a decision. He created a certain special vibe between the employees that made the team members to understand each other without words, and to work to the best of their ability. Needless to say, restaurant patrons felt it too. Many even mentioned that they kept coming back because of the warm atmosphere created by team/management. Ioan just generally made all the things work exceptionally well, fast, and smooth. He has outstanding interpersonal skills, and
an exceptional talent for problem solving . Besides, his tremendous scenes of ethic, and manners along with his outgoing personality makes him not only a good professional, but a great friend!
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Review by Sonia Carmona

Jan has great communication skills. She is very direct and clear when conversing. She is articulate and approachable to discuss any matter. She's has a great way of organizing projects and follows up well with her employees.See MoreRead Less

Review by Dana Pagel

I've known Jaclynn for yrs & she always gives everything she does 110%... She's got a awesome sense of humor & is totally dedicated to mastering everything about her craft...See MoreRead Less