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Artists in Missouri

There are 61 recommended Artists in Missouri. Read reviews from people you know to find the best Artist.

Review by Steve Cusumano

I have known Ms. Chery Evans since our days in high school in south Kansas City, Mo. She is a smart, articulate, kind, and extremely trustworthy person. She makes sound, well thought out decisions and always thinks how her actions may affect others. If she believes a decision will adversely impact others she will go another direction to accomplish the task. Chery is a loving mother and faithful spouse with strong family values, willing to forego her own desires for her family. What makes Chery different from others is her determination to get a job done right and get it right the first time. She is relentless, yet cares deeply for others and their desire to improve their life. I served as a United States Marine Corps Officer for 28 years, in peace and combat, on land and at sea, I flew the President of the United States in Marine One for four years and I can state with the utmost confidence that I trust and respect Ms. Chery Evans.

Steve Cusumano
LtCol USMC (Ret)
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Review by Sherry Walters

Without a doubt I would trust Joel, with any job, and have complete confidence in knowing he will go above and beyond to ensure the highest quality of work. 23 years ago I was blessed to have the pleasure of professionally working with Joel. He soon became one of my dearest and closest friends. Joel has always been a man of true character and honesty, whom I hold in the highest of esteem. Plus, he brings joy and happiness into every life he touches!See MoreRead Less

Review by Lashanta Elder

You are a fabulous artist and very caring person. The passion you have to do and teach art is unbelievable, but none the less a highly respected passion. Good luck to you and all you do.See MoreRead Less

Review by Larry Garrett

I've known Paula for years. Very honest. Very friendly. Very human. A woman who has talent and the looks to go with it. A great girl.See MoreRead Less

Review by Cindy Boehrns

Cheryl is a very talented multi-medium artist. She is extreemly creative in her work and believe in passing it on be it in the donation of her work and time to charitable groups to teaching and guiding beginning artists.See MoreRead Less

Review by Bernadette Matthews

Doree's work is outstanding. You need only express what you want and she does the rest to perfection. I just recently asked her to combine to photos into one to express the old and new. The outcome is absolutely wonderful. I have nothing but high accolades for Doree. There's no graphic artist that can touch her.See MoreRead Less

Review by Natal John

Strat Gazer has been bringing quality entertainment of high profile nationals, regional, and local artist to all they venues that they are involved with.I would highly recommend reaching out to them.It's very rare in the music biz to find an entertainment company with as much integrity, and work ethic as Strat Gazer.See MoreRead Less

Review by Sandra Cazeau

I have know Bill Sowell for many years and as a person he is outstanding, one I would trust with anything as he is honest and caring. He is great artist and very conscientious about anything he does. His work is always beautifully done. If you want quality work then you need Bill to do it for you. I have sitting in my living room one of Bill Sowell's sculptures. If is a focal point in my room. I highly recommend his work to
anyone wanting any work done at the Fort Leavenworth FMWR.
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Review by Vira Dobbins

Kara has an eclectic variety of art available in Three Trails Trading Post along with an array of items for Boy Scouts. Various classes are offered at Three Trails Trading Post so you can learn to make glass beads, marbles or learn to bead.

I love going in the shop because each time I go in I see things I didn't see the last time I was there.

I love shopping at Three Trails Trading Post. You get the customer service you can only expect at a small local owned business.
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Review by Ruth Ann Grote

Kathleen Selig has been a lifelong friend with my daughters and spent many times in our home. As well, my daughters loved to be with her and her family. It always seemed that other persons didn't know the intellect or the artistic abilities of Kathleen for many years. Because she has spent so much time with raising a family, she has not been able to devote as much time with her artwork. She became so determined that she took on finishing her degree and managing her family's life. She has a great sense of humor (which has been a salvation), she loves nature and because she has these passions, she has offered us all a view into her art. I love her flowers, horses and portraits. She is a very gifted woman and I have been privileged to watch her grow from a child into a wife and mother and to pursue her personal passion with art. It never left her; she left it because earlier in her life her family was her priority. Now she has more time to give of herself and when Kathleen gives of herself, she gives to all of us. She spent so much time in our home growing up and now has moved back near us and it all just fits. If you haven't had the pleasure of meeting Ms. Selig, you should allow yourself that privilege. Then take a look at her works.See MoreRead Less