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Artists in Kansas

There are 28 recommended Artists in Kansas. Read reviews from people you know to find the best Artist.

Review by Mark Stevens

Bob has a tremendous understanding of the dynamics associated with performing magic. He's got years of experience and can perform the classics of magic and switch to a comedy performance quickly. He's all about making both the audience and the person who booked him - happy. He's dependable and honest and also - loves to perform magic primarily for the art - compared to solely doing so for money ....See MoreRead Less

Review by Tom Hatfield

on air or off, this guy is a riot, he's the guy at the event you'll remember, or he can record it so you don't forget. He's got a passion for music, and if it's interviews, promotion or anything else your band might need, he's the guy for you. He goes above and beyond to get the job done and because of that, he's gotten interviews with stars known worldwide. When you're tried of the normal and want something different, the master of disaster, the man on the mic, and the guy the whole town is talking about; the world famous Jiggy Jaguar is the man you need to call!See MoreRead Less

Review by Leslie Hannah

I had the privilege to work with Diana a handful of times when I lived in Kansas. I found her style refreshing and engaging. I watch the audience as they watched her, and they were enraptured. This is how tellers gauge their craft, by the attention of the audience, and her audiences tell me Diana is very good at what she does.See MoreRead Less

Review by Jackie Murray

I worked with Doug for a few years at Miller's in the art department. He is outstanding in his airbrushing. He has not done anything that I did not like. Since then he has expanded, doing just about anything a person would ask for, in the field of art. He is ;very personable, a family guy, and
He is the only artist I know who actually can make a living at doing his art.
See MoreRead Less

Review by Lynda Hartwick

Mickael Bruce is an artist who puts love into each stroke. Mickael’s works span the gamut of portraits, landscape, animals, and still life. I am amazed at the talent of this undiscovered artist. I first learned of Mickael’s works through social media. As I followed him I have found that Mickael has a whimsical sense of humor and is greatly devoted to God, Country and his family. Although I am not fortunate to own one of Mickael’s works at this time, I have been an admirer for several years.See MoreRead Less

Review by Travis Kracman

Chris will make it happen!

Review by John DeBerry

"Alisa is confident and meticulous at everything she undertakes. Her professionalism and dedication to accomplish the goal is commendable. I would enthusiastically recommend Alisa for any job/task she accepts because you can count on her high standards and expertise!"See MoreRead Less

Review by Cindy Gonzales

She's awesome And great with people. She can brighten the room with her customer service and advice.

Review by Monica Pege

Amy Bono and I met through mutual friends on Facebook and have lots of communication. She is a person of excellent who would be successful in any endeavor she chooses. She has been respectful, staunch, and true as a friend. I believe I can trust her as a person, therefore as a professional as well. What makes her stand out from others is her integrity.See MoreRead Less

Review by Tera Triggs

Lisa is a good singer,good with audience interaction.