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Artists in Indiana

There are 51 recommended Artists in Indiana. Read reviews from people you know to find the best Artist.

Review by Ruthie Light

If someone were to ask me what would I would rate @[1367096644:2048:Julia] out of a 10, I definitley would give Julia a complete 10! Julia would give 100% in everything she does and says! Julia's art work is beautiful! I would recommend Julia with any business dealings! Thanks kindly, @[100000674451774:2048:Ruthie Light].See MoreRead Less

Review by Tina Thompson

I've known Edmond for many years now and have watched him grow tremendously as a wonderfully talented artist. I have some of his artwork that I purchased a few years ago and am quite pleased with his work. As a friend, he's a blessing and a smile, I'm proud to know him.See MoreRead Less

Review by Dawn Trotter

Talented, opinionated and doesn't mind letting you know it, dependable, funny, irreverent, but in her business persona she is again, talented, dependable, honest, knowledgeable and willing to share that knowledge. I highly recommend Billie in any endeavour she undertakes.See MoreRead Less

Review by Ashley Adams

Tracy and I corresponded by e-mail and Facebook to have him commission a piece in pencil for my sisters' wedding. Working from photographs my sister and sister-in-law posted of their favourite pets, Princess Coconut the cat and Murphy the corgi, Tracy captured their true personalities. My sister and Diane loved the gift. Thank you so much Tracy for making it possible.See MoreRead Less

Review by Daniel Fowlkes

I first met Corina 4 or 5 years via Facebook after running across her and talked about what I liked about her work and best ways to present and price it to her potential clients. Being a collector I could only give her my opinion of what I thought her approach might be and pointed her to a few others she may also ask opinions from. Not long after that I finally met her at the Illuxcon art show in Altoona, PN. and found her to be the most pleasant of people to talk with. Since then I have seen her grow in her current style and believe her commitment to delivering the best work she can create for her clients. I consider her a friend and believe she is only just beginning to tap her potential as an artist and look forward to seeing and buying a future masterpiece.See MoreRead Less

Review by Leslie Brown

Keenan's beautiful, otherwordly and organic musicality is a breath of fresh air. The world is full of instant 'pop' tunes and image, however, Keenan evokes another era. His music is spiritual, celtic, jazzy, infused with so much soul for someone so young. He is truely gifted and I am in awe of his talent. See MoreRead Less

Review by Michelle Blythe

Mr. Dabbs has quality most people lack, merit and heart with honesty to boot! His wife Debra is a humble woman and we met tbrough the net years ago. Mr. Dabbs defiently is a book of knowledge. Mr. musicman himself, rock on!See MoreRead Less

Review by Charlotte Hilferding

Brenda Mattox is an extremely talented artist. Her work speaks for itself. She draws everything right down to the slightest detail. She truly has an eye for detail and without a doubt, this very talented woman has a God given gift. I always look forward to her new features. She is great.See MoreRead Less

Review by Michelle Cox-lomas

Thomas Riggs is an outstanding Artist/Musician and all around wonderful person! His beautiful inner spirit SHINES through in everything that he creates. I highly recommend everyone to listen to his music. It is truly soothing and inspiring for the heart and the soul! Thank you Thomas for sharing your natural talents with us all! You are a very enlightening and talented person indeed! I, personally, am very blessed to know you as my dear friend and spiritual brother in my life.

Much Success to you always!

Michelle Anne Cox-Lomas Ph.D.
Professional Astrologer/Spiritual Counselor
See MoreRead Less

Review by Judy Schulz

Chasity is my niece so I have known her since she was born. I have seen a lot of Chasity's work over the years and I'm grateful to have received two of her originals . One is a black and white sketch of my Mother and I and the other is a beautiful abstract with whites, blues, brown and some glitter. She has alwayhas had a passion for art in many different fashions. I feel it comes to her naturally. Her artwork is what makes her stand out from other artists because she has a style all her own. I am so proud of her pursuing her passion and I love all the artwork I have seen over the years.See MoreRead Less