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Artists in Savannah, Georgia

There are 9 recommended Artists in Savannah, GA. Read reviews from people you know to find the best Artist.

Review by Star's Produce

Waynette is a very caring, loving nurse. Next to her family, Waynette's patients are the most important people to her. She strives to make every one of them comfortable while working closely with the families. I would recommend her for any position she may have....she also has beautiful items in her eBay store which she handles in her off time - which isn't a lot of time. When a customer makes an order, Waynette tries her best to get that order in the mail the next. It's my pleasure to recommend her.See MoreRead Less

Review by Joe Barbee

I have known Michael since our days together as classmates growing up in Junior and High School together. We lost touch for many years and when reunited friendship through social networking occurred, I was not surprised to see his pursuit of capturing the beauty of the environment we are blessed to live and cherish. His eye and talent for capturing these treasures that we often take for granted in a life of haste is nothing less than miraculous. Mike (as I know him) has always been a person that carried himself with class and exhibited a desire to make a positive difference in his life journey for the society in which we live. As any Vietnam veteran can attest, this is a miraculous healing on a very personal nature. To have seen and been a innocent participant of the horror one encounters in any war and come away with the determination to discover and share the beauty Mike accomplishes, after exposure to the most devastating example of man's inhumanity to man, takes an internal fortitude that brings a resurrection of the soul to those that have faced similar situations. His loyalty to life being something not to be endured, but something to be enjoyed is expressed in each frame of his photographic eye and talent. It is easy to appreciate his work from an objective stance, but knowing the person and their history gives a deeper appreciation of man's ability to overcome the ugliness which surrounds us on a daily basis. Michael teaches us all to 'stop and smell the roses' through his dedication to his art and life. A finer man has never been and the continuing growth of his character is best illustrated through his artistic medium. Do yourself a favor. Still the mind, step off the train of chaos, breath, and loose yourself in Michael's contributions toward reminding us of the beauty that stands true to the nature of God's gift to life on this journey. Thank you Mike for reminding me to stop, look, and listen and not miss the things that really matter.See MoreRead Less

Review by Sari Klett

Chuck is not only a world class artist but also a true gentleman and an incredible businessman. He is always ready to help anyone in need, and his passion and love for life is contagious. He is a fair and understanding boss, and believes in good in all people. He is respectful, compassionate and extremely honest and professional in all his business or personal affairs. He values his employees and loves his customers. he loves to entertain by singing and playing piano. He truly lives through his art, and does not only exist. There is never a bad day around Chuck. I love him as a boss and a friend!See MoreRead Less

Review by Lisa Andrews

I've known Emmanuel for a few years, he portrays characteristics of a true marine still. He never lets you down, eager to help anyway he can. He avoids wrong doings. Will stand up for what's right with all fairness. He is also a artist with great expression. Most of all kind, caring and loving friend. To know him is a wonderful opportunity.See MoreRead Less

Review by Peter Bergeron

Casey has been a close friend and a fellow artist for a number of years now. His dedication to his work, his talent and his knowledge of multiple different art fields is unmatched. I am continually impressed by his creativeness and precision in his framing and matting skills as well as his talent in drawing and illustration with both traditional and computer-based materials.See MoreRead Less

Review by Emma Tempest

Sara is the best Zelda player I know! She will also kick your ass in Mario Kart. Just try her.