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Artists in Los Angeles, California

There are 118 recommended Artists in Los Angeles, CA. Read reviews from people you know to find the best Artist.

Review by Nic Turiano

Brian isn't just a fellow writer, and an experienced producer, In many ways since I've known him he has been an inspiration, mentor and teacher. His writing speaks to many people - not just in poetry, but as a novelist his work is incredibly moving, intelligent and human. I have found myself inspired by his willingness to write from especially emotive places as well as show fearlessness in this effort. He turns darkness to light. Likewise he isn't afraid to tell a story no one else has told. His latest work of fiction revolves around one of these subjects and at times I could've mistaken it for non-fiction; he captures human emotion and the strivation life depends on with a rawness that takes you into the story. It has been a pleasure to come to know him, be moved and taught by the skill of his work. If I had to pick one thing that stood out the most about both his writing and his person, it would have to be the nature of his integrity because he is very genuine. You know his work and character are real and he is one who never compromises that in order to produce what so many other artists do, which is work that fits in to some trending style. If he breaks rules it is literally for the work and expression. When he honors tradition, it is always with intelligent truth. He's good. That's it.See MoreRead Less

Review by George France

I had the pleasure of assisting Michael in the past and he is a joy to work with and his view of what we see is more dynamic than what we normally see and leaves one with the impression that you've just viewed a work of art. I'd recommend him for any photographic endeavor, he'll create memories for you that'll last a lifetime and be unlike anything you've ever seen, while creating a visual masterpiece.See MoreRead Less

Review by Laddie Odom

Daniel is one of the finest artist / illustrators I know. Period.
I have personally known him for decades, from the years my years in Chicago, where I enjoyed viewing his fine art in gallery shows, and admired his professional skills as graphic designer and storyboard artist for movies, videos and game development. I am sure he has plenty more talents hidden away that I am not even, but I have always been greatly impressed by his original and fresh concepts, artistic skills and professionalism.See MoreRead Less

Review by Marlene Cohen

I knew Arlene socially for many years in Washington, DC, before I knew she was such an incredibly talented artist. In fact it wasn't until she participated in one of DC's large art shows that I even knew she was an artist. When I saw her work, I was blown away. What Arlene can do with pencil is amazing. In fact, when we decided to immortalize our beloved dog Sally, we turned to Arlene. Her portrait of Sally, which you can see on Arlene's website is remarkable. It captures Sally's sweetness and spirit in such a way that I expect Sally to talk to me when I call her name. Sally is no longer with us, but every time I look at her portrait it is as if she is just in the next room. I thank Arlene for keeping Sally alive forever.See MoreRead Less

Review by Tom Little

Ludmila is an intuitive dream come true to work with. Such a team player. You get an idea, pick up your instrument, start writing, turn around in your studio...and there she is, having recorded the whole thing without you even realizing it...captured the whole thing...such great support!
Commander Tom...TheSpaceRangers.com
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Review by Ron Medico

I had worked with Marco years ago and have recently visited his editing suite. Over the years he has become a grand digital master of his craft. I have watched him transform raw footage, enhance it, and
make it dazzle with his knowledge of effects. He also has become an accomplished cameraman, writer, and director. I envy his skills and look forward to working with him again.
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Review by Helene Udy

Reggie was the sound man for the CBS Dr. Quinn series while I was acting on it. Sound men are known for their evil tempers because it is a tough and meticulous job. Reggie Dunn, not only did a fabulous job for the 6 year duration of that show, but he is the kindest , gentlest , most welll adjusted and even keeled sound recordist I have ever met.He will add to your production with impeccable sound value ( saving you tons of money in post) but also a wonderful personality. A man of infiinite patience and skill. I cannot say enough about him.See MoreRead Less

Review by John Tremaine

I have known DeWayne Williams for a number of years and have always known him to be a first-class individual who has the habit of telling the truth on all occasions...you ask him a question and he gives the answer, clearly and responsibly. He unhesitatingly aided me when I was new to the business of campaigning for office and without question offered only ethical advice without resorting to "tricks".
He is clearly educated and experienced and filled to the brim with a great ingredient: moral character. His ethical standards have been of the highest order and I have every confidence they will be so deep into the future. As a business person, DeWayne has taken on challenges and made them work simply because he doesn't give up on anything...he is a warrior who wins. He is standout from others simply because he will not break from the truth and will not take part in anything that isn't based on the truth, something that I highly prize in people I know.
I highly recommend any partnership with DeWayne Williams, a true man and a gentleman.

John Tremaine
President, American Corsair Motion Pictures, Inc.
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Review by Clark Sullivan

Mystic Marlow is full of tricks that will delight and amaze children and adults of all ages. Be amazed by the sleight of hand of his close up magic! I heartily recommend Mystic Marlow for all your parties, functions, activities, etc... I have know him for 12 wonderful years...See MoreRead Less

Review by Rana Mansour

Sherry has a very unique taste in jewelry design which in my opinion sets her apart with other artists such as herself. Her vision as an artist is displayed by her ability to incorporate different stones and materials that truly complement each other and together create a beautiful unique piece. The second most important thing besides the design itself is the workmanship of her jewelry. Sherry is not only an artist but also a great professional who displays high standards as well as integrity both in her actions and in her creations.See MoreRead Less