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Artists in California

There are 300 recommended Artists in California. Read reviews from people you know to find the best Artist.

Review by Terry Hartburg

Suzi has photographed & video taped me with The Gator Alley Band last year & did a fantastic job. One of her shots of me I use for my profile picture. Since then, I've gotten to know her & I must say that her work is superior to other photographers I've worked with. She is talented, humble & relentless. What separates talented amateurs form pro's is that they know how to listen to the client & deliver a stylistic interpretation of the clients vision. Suzi delivers. That's it, That's all.See MoreRead Less

Review by Armand Mastroianni

As a film director I have worked with many writers over the years developing stories and scripts. Occasionally I've come across a writer who I would consider a rare talent like Betty Dravis. Her ability to expertly control her narrative, create distinctive characters and keep a reader completely enthralled is amazing. I was introduced to Betty when she asked me to read a collection of short stories entitled Six Pack of Blood which she wrote with the equally talented Barbara Watkins. I became an instant a fan and read it in one sitting.
The stories were chilling and original.
I wrote a foreword to the book praising it as terrifying, unique and thoroughly engrossing! I've now become familiar with other works by Betty Dravis and was pleased to find such diversity in her books. Whether it's a family saga, a prophecy about an unborn child, a charming story about toonies invading Silicon Valley or the behind the scenes of interviews with famous celebrities just to mention a few, you know you're in the hands of a master storyteller. The apparent ease and style of Betty's writing makes her work appealing and highly entertaining.
I feel fortunate to have met Betty Dravis through her work and hope that many others, like me will do the same and become lifetime fans.
Armand Mastroianni
Shore Road Entertainment
Producer/ Director
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Review by Sue Warwick

I specifically went to Herried Music to talk to Lynn about buying a uke. I have known Lynn since his son, Shaun, was in my first grade class. He is an amazing musician and so perdect in the job he now has. I told him I wanted to learn to play a ukulele. I had tried the keyboard many years ago. He asked why that didn't work out...hmmm...hadn't thought about that. It was just too hard to find time to practice in another room in the home away from everything. I had heard the uke was easier and was obviously more portable.
Lynn explained the different kinds of ukes and played each kind so I could hear the difference. I picked the sound I liked and the price I wanted to pay. That narrowed the choices and I picked the one I liked. He helped with books, etc. A totally happy experience.
I am not by any means good but I really enjoy plunking away and singing with Don in the living room.
As far as what makes Lynn stand out. He didn't just sell me a uke, he helped me sell it to myself...no pressure!
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Review by Annie-dear Chappell

I am gifted to know several mutual writers and artists and Susan Alcott Jardine is among those of high regard.

Top quality art, every color to fit any room, any design you can imagine, and if that were not enough, she can express herself in many talented ways from her long list of successes in so many fields. An amazing and caring woman who brings everything she does to life in her special way.

Then - there is The Channel... Stories from L.A. - I will only tell you to go get it!! She is an Author, painter, actor, stage design, I doubt there is something around that she cannot turn into art...

Amazing business woman, a true professional in every aspect.

Susan Alcott Jardine has so many talents to bring to the table, that you can't wait for the next one of her works.

Annie-Dear Woeltz Chappell, Retired Staff Mgr, Silicon Valley, CA
Friend to the Arts
Niece to the late Texan Artist Julius Woeltz and NY Russell Woeltz
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Review by Tom Dyhrberg

I was there at the beginning of Marc's career - little theoretical knowledge, but great natural ability and an even greater love of the art form. I was there at Berklee where Marc absorbed theory like a sponge and began in earnest to hone his craft. For the past 35 years we've been on opposite coasts. I've marveled at Marc's progress through press releases, videos and recordings. He's got it all now, theoretical knowledge, tone, control, but most of all, the innate swing, groove and sheer musicality that blew me away the first time I heard him play.See MoreRead Less

Review by Nic Turiano

Brian isn't just a fellow writer, and an experienced producer, In many ways since I've known him he has been an inspiration, mentor and teacher. His writing speaks to many people - not just in poetry, but as a novelist his work is incredibly moving, intelligent and human. I have found myself inspired by his willingness to write from especially emotive places as well as show fearlessness in this effort. He turns darkness to light. Likewise he isn't afraid to tell a story no one else has told. His latest work of fiction revolves around one of these subjects and at times I could've mistaken it for non-fiction; he captures human emotion and the strivation life depends on with a rawness that takes you into the story. It has been a pleasure to come to know him, be moved and taught by the skill of his work. If I had to pick one thing that stood out the most about both his writing and his person, it would have to be the nature of his integrity because he is very genuine. You know his work and character are real and he is one who never compromises that in order to produce what so many other artists do, which is work that fits in to some trending style. If he breaks rules it is literally for the work and expression. When he honors tradition, it is always with intelligent truth. He's good. That's it.See MoreRead Less

Review by Cheryl McFadden

My name is Cheryl Anne McFadden, singer, songwriter, from The Windy City of Chicago. I rate Alvin Taylor based on my 25 year history of experience on this topic.
I met Alvin Taylor as a Producer, Master Drummer,and a visionary, and found that he is a truly dedicated man of immense talent that spans over broad decades of time and experience in the business of music. His leadership in displaying his dedication is proven by his complete history that started out as a drummer in Hollywood, California. As a very young man, Alvin Taylor developed his skill and experience in the Music business that tells a story that many drummers could only dream of.
Alvin Taylor burst onto the music scene, accompanying and working as a drummer for phenomenal entertainers such as Little Richard, Jimmy Hendrix, Elton John and George Harrison, topping the music charts over the globe rapidly as a drummer for such well accomplished musicians and entertainers. International success followed accordingly and continues to drive Alvin Taylor in his quest to produce and relay this surefire instruction to fellow musicians seeking production and distribution of their music product.
Experience and results speak for Alvin Taylor and his continued commitment to create future artist makes him a viable go-to man for many up and coming aspiring stars of this decade. I would refer Alvin Taylor based on his artistic creation and integrity to his fellow man as well as his experience in the business of music. Sincerely, Cheryl Anne McFadden*Hollywood, Ca.
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Review by Ricardo Chappe

Teresa is a wonderful fine artist, a real serious professional with a great sense of humanity. She is always ready to help artists and friends and I feel really grateful for her attitude. Along the years I can say she is one of the best persons I've ever met.See MoreRead Less

Review by Dave Lee Zaelon

Shade Law is an artist that never rests, she is a powerhouse of energy, with all the workload Shade has and all the productions and projects she has running (all at the same time) she is always thinking of her friends and fellow artists and never puts herself first, but still finds time to produce so much of her own excellent music.See MoreRead Less

Review by Shirley Bartlett

I met Harvey over the internet back in the late 90's. We started talking and I eventually began to do some work for him in his Book Division. I helped him with getting books written by little known authors into the big book stores, get book signings and radio interviews, all over the country. As we worked together, I came to know a lot more about Harvey in relation to the music business and saw the way he works with singers and musicians, helping them get out there, and get their work out there - recognized and sold. Harvey has a long career in the industry, from back in the 70's when he worked for the big labels. I have seen how hard he works for his clients and how he both encourages them and pushes them to be the best they can be. He's not only great at what he does, but he cares about his clients - not something you see every day! When I finally got to meet Harvey and his wife and daughter in person when they came to Maine for a visit, as expected, he is exactly the same in person as he is over the phone or the internet. Great sense of humor; very knowledgeable about the music industry, and a man who always works to do the right thing for his clients!See MoreRead Less