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Review by Nat Alie

Hi!!! I first met Sparkles at a Justice for Lily event!! We immediately fell in love with Sparkles!! Not only does she just sparkle but she just shines through and the passion in her eyes tell it all. My 2 kiddos just adore her, she isn't just a clown to us she is a wonderful and very friendly friend!! Her talents and skills WOW us, she is surely blessed with some amazing talent. Last year we had purchased a balloon Nativity Set and it blew me away! It was like nothing I have seen before, we traveled up north with it for Christmas and had it by our fire place the whole week. Not only are the balloons just ADORABLE but they last forever!!!! One of the balloons of the nativity set , baby Jesus lasted until June of this year! It was so funny, I would send Sparkles pictures of how the balloon was still hanging on. The dedication, time, passion and hard work she pours into her creations just makes me speech less. She also has designed other balloons for me that are just out standing!!! Sparkles has that shine to her, when you meet her she greats you with a huge beautiful loving warm smile. She is so passionate about children and making sure they are all just happy and having FUN!! and that they do! My children love love love her face painting, the designs and everything! WHOAHHH again Sparkles blows us away with all she gives. Sparkles will give you nothing but 110% of her hard work and dedication. She will work hard to make sure you are happy and that your loved ones are as well. She is so easy going, very very friendly and will make sure she leaves any party with your child beaming ear to ear! We are so blessed to know and have Sparkles in our lives <3 she is always striving to learn more and work harder! I am thankful and honored to write this review on our wonderful and loving SPARKLES!!!!! WE LOVE YOU SPARKLES!!!!!See MoreRead Less

Review by Glenda Arnold

I've been a huge Joe Gande fan since I first discovered his music in 2005. It's difficult to find the right words to describe his talent as an artist combined with who he is when he's not singing or making music..."larger than life", "driven", "humble", "passionate", "loyal" are just a few that come to mind, but they don't even scratch the surface of who he is. Whether he is singing "Can't See My Life" or screaming "Godsend", tempting his friends and fans with pasta alla carbanara, sharing his family history and Italian heritage/traditions, he has the ability to keep his fans captivated and spellbound. I can't think of any other artist that goes to the lengths that he does to maintain a personal relationship with his fans. I would say he ROCKS, but he goes above and beyond that.See MoreRead Less

Review by Michelle Mccarthy

Dru is the best Dj ever! I have been to dozens of weddings, parties & benefits (he has also been very generous in volunteering his time & talent to important causes). He is a true professional-he knows how to get everyone on the dance floor, when to be talking & when not to, & would never put a slow song on when the dance floor is full! When Dru is the know you're in for a great time & will not be sitting down (so wear your dancing shoes!)See MoreRead Less

Review by Terry Hartburg

Suzi has photographed & video taped me with The Gator Alley Band last year & did a fantastic job. One of her shots of me I use for my profile picture. Since then, I've gotten to know her & I must say that her work is superior to other photographers I've worked with. She is talented, humble & relentless. What separates talented amateurs form pro's is that they know how to listen to the client & deliver a stylistic interpretation of the clients vision. Suzi delivers. That's it, That's all.See MoreRead Less

Review by Jayde Howard

I have known Desiree Robbins for nearly 3 decades and as an educator she is a teacher's teacher refining and teaching jazz technique and movement to get the maximum result and efficiency in dancers. Proven techniques that have brought out the very best in all whom she works with. As a choreographer she set a production piece on our dancers that was high energy and detail oriented that demand only the very best in each and every dancer. The proof is in the pudding and the number received first overall and special awards from nearly every competitive event. Many of my students have assisted her in classes and have had the opportunity and privilege to work with in her many years as a company director and choreographer and we are all very excited and happy for her latest adventure. As a friend and colleague she gives 200% to everyone she meets and every project. She is dedicated, passionate, loyal and giving of her time and talents. She goes above and beyond and has stood the test of time. She is the roots of a tree that have given strength, energy and love to so many to grow as people and as artists. I am looking forward to continuing to myself and my dancers grow with her for decades to come. *Light, Love, Laughter & Dance, Jayde Howard <3 XO :)See MoreRead Less

Review by Cindy Cox

I met Robert several years ago. He was an articulate professional that I met while working at the same company that Robert did. I didn't know Robert was gifted in the skills of entertaining he had until I called upon him to help me.

I wanted to begin a mission to motivate family and children participation in an occupational organization that we both belonged to. I needed someone to help me.

As a first year attendee, I wanted to entertain the children and their families for an annual Christmas Party. I knew I had to create an agenda that would fulfill the objectives of: creating happy memories, fun, active participation, involvement, entertaining, and laughing together. I did not have a clue how to do it.

I was informed by a mutual friend who recommended Robert to me. I was informed of Robert's natural talent to entertain. I asked Robert would he help me in this mission.

To my surprise, he did not hesitate, even though, we were only business associates at that point. We didn't know each other outside of our occupation at that time. Many would have said No to assist and did say No to help me.

But Robert leaped at the chance to grow our organization with family and children fun that helped grow the bond in this organization into a more family focused event that we would begin to have.

We have since become friends due to Robert helping me achieve something I wanted to achieve but had no clue on how to do it. He helped and contributed with enthusiasm that was actively catchy to all in attendance.

I think this speaks of the good nature of giving and caring that Robert has to share - even with mere strangers - as I was back then. He still helped me.

His talents can not be documented of all of his abilities. Robert is a huge hearted professional who possesses the seriousness it takes to effectively perform in an occupation as this.

I do highly recommend Robert for personal and professional events that require fun, entertainment, active participation and happy memories that will last long after the event has passed.

Once you become a customer of Mr. Edsel, you will not only gain immediate return investments but you will also gain a friend.
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Review by Billie Rogers Writingoutloud

You know when you meet these HAPPY - BUBBLY couples and then they tell you, they met on the Internet? You want to choke them? Yeah, that's us!
We really did meet on the net. customers and other jewelry designers were getting our designs confused, so I reached out and introduced myself, I'm the BAWDY one. & we started getting to know each other much more than just FB chat. We are to the point now, that I TRUST HER WITH MY LIFE! True.
So many think this lil' hobby, working at home is just playing in sparkles all day. OH, how wrong that image is. I have 2 big rooms of teeny tiny components, not just beads. NO ONE, w/in a 35 mile radius has a clue what they are worth, certainly not my family. I have a fortune wrapped up in all this, to the untrained eye, all of this is "JUNK, in all these baggies and little boxes." We, as home business owners, w/a sizable inventory, NEED to find that one person, you can trust. If something happens to me, we are talking about unloading 100's of thousands worth of so-called-JUNK. This is my families finances & my partners. We buy for the business, not just ourselves. "I" picked Susan LaCroix, not just BFF, Bus. Partner, but also, the really awful stuff, like to do my family right, if something happens to me! & get those pix off the net from the 80's when I was drinkin!
We found that we were looking at the same horizons, we wanted similar outcomes of our lil' hobbies, and we knew there were different avenues to get there. Together we are traveling this journey together. When one is weak, (sick, family issues, LIFE) the other can continue on till the is back, and we've done that quite a bit in almost two yrs.
We really don't know where we will end up, but, "SINGINHOUND BEADZ" is getting know, by more & more each day! Being able to work together, physically, in the same house is our dream! My house is big enough. We can just throw EVERY IDEA out on the table, even the ones, we may think is totally OUT THERE, I bet the other has been thinking the same thing! GET US, physically together.......that will be a creative force to be reckoned with!
~ Billie Rogers (Sunny Love on your Indpls, FM dial)
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Review by Joshua Bundra

If you're looking to setup a gig, and need a sound engineer, whose not better to trust then someone whose been around the block a few times. My buddy Mike (president of Pro Sound Rentals) is an incredible drummer and know exactly what you need and what you want in order to have killer sound.Mike has been and currently is in several different music projects right now and he understands exactly what is needed in order to have a great live performance. So if you were looking for a sound man, then look no further. Contact PSR through - the phone number is on the page so, Pick up the phone and make the call. As I am also a musician, I promise you will not be disappointed.See MoreRead Less

Review by Annamaria Novello Conklin

Since 2001 My family has continuously used Paul Knox to DJ our parties ....He is seriously one of the best DJ's out there..and he definitely knows how to use his talent the best and Rock a party...Not only has he DJ'd for my personal parties but many of my family members have also had the pleasure to have him DJ their Wedding's,Baptisms, Sweet 16's . Next to him there is one other DJ that we Highly recommend to our family and friends...! During each event..guests are constantly Raving about what an Excellent DJ he is...! The dance floor is never Bare...No doubt about it...he will continue to DJ our events for as long as he continues with his talent...See MoreRead Less

Review by Peter Lauro

I have known Memphis Gold for many years and have worked with him on many different projects. Besides being a heck of a good writer, a heck of a good guitarist and a heck of a good vocalist, he is a heck of a great guy as well.

After having only communicated with him via the Internet for some years we finally got to meet at the Blues Music Awards in Memphis, TN a years back. For as long as I live, I will never forget our introduction. From afar, I saw a distinguished looking man all dressed up in a sharp looking suit and he was wearing the unlikely accessory of a baseball cap that was bright gold with green letters that said Vietnam Vet. Not knowing who it was but being a veteran myself, I immediately decided I needed to meet this proud man. I walked up to him and said "excuse me sir, I'd like to introduce myself to you" and extended my hand. At that very second, his wife exuberantly exclaimed "why that's my husband, Memphis Gold". She was as proud a woman as he was a man and the goodness that was being given off from these two people was beyond what words can say about it. Once I told him who I was, we both let out joyous sounds and started hugging. That was about a warm a moment as I can ever remember having in my life.

Professionally, I've had the pleasure of doing reviews of three of his CDS and his songs have appeared on three compilation CDs I've produced. Those reviews can be read and those CDs can be listened to by going to

"The Blues Is My Passion & Therapy"

Peter "Blewzzman" Lauro
P. O. Box 12285
Ft. Pierce, FL 34979

Blues Editor @
2011 "Keeping The Blues Alive" Award Recipient
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